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Wednesday continued

I lay down on the bed for a while and read a couple of novellas.  I felt a little better after relaxing.  R. went down to J.'s for lunch, so it was quiet for a couple of hours.  Dad had gone to Center City for some sleep apnea tests at the VA sleep center -- I suppose it's part of a hospital or medical complex.  He called me around 2:15 to say that he could get to my part of Philadelphia in fifteen minutes by train.  I picked him up at the train station and took him back to the apartment.  R. and J. were watching cartoons.  Dad set up my wireless router.  Finally, after three months, I have a network.  The only other device in the network so far is my e-reader, but that's what I wanted.  He also set up my printer again, so I have a functional printer, too.

We headed back to the suburbs around 4:30.  Dad navigated for me on a back road that missed a good bit of traffic.  I was glad to get to the house.  I caught up on AE, and took my antibiotics and steroids.  I'm not noticing a difference yet this first day, but maybe tomorrow I'll see a change.  We had dinner, and I took Dad to the local train station so he could pick up his car.  There was the usual large amount of commentary on Glee on AE.  Some of it was about how Kurt/Chris sounds better singing from his chest than his head.  I kind of know what that means.  I asked on there whether his normal vocal range was tenor or countertenor.  I don't think his vocal range is particularly normal, if you mean normal as common.  My guess is that he can hit higher notes than I can, and I'm a second soprano.  A. from Wisconsin will know all about this, but if anyone else knows, please throw in your comments here.

So I didn't actually get anything done today, but I was happy that Dad got so much done with my computer.

Edited to add: Glorfindel of the Glee Forum said that Kurt could sing three ways -- as a tenor, as a countertenor, and as a woman would by simply switching back and forth between lower register and upper register.  I also learned from reading her "Kurt's Singing Voice" thread that his voice spans three octaves and that he has a number of notes he can sing in either register.  I like the songs where he extensively uses both lower register and upper register.

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