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Wednesday so far

So far I am very cranky, as the poison ivy has spread to my torso and the antibiotic for the infected patches on my skin is upsetting my stomach.  The doctor -- rather, her nurse -- called to say that the doctor wanted to see me in two days to see if the cellulitis had gone down.  I said I'd be in Baltimore.  Dr. B said that if it got much worse, I should go to the hospital, and that she'd see me next week.

R.A. was weepy and sorry for herself.  I had no sympathy.  I took an collodial oatmeal bath.  It's supposed to help.  R. said that she'd take a bath today, and I said she'd been saying that for the last five days.  I told her she could clean out the tub, which had oatmeal in it.  She didn't want to.  I said she could wear gloves.  She still didn't want to.  I cleaned the tub and told her she had one less excuse to take a bath.  R. said she wanted to call J.  I said that was one more excuse for not taking a bath.

R. asked if I was mad at her.  I said that I was in a lot of pain, and frustrated because I didn't believe she would do anything today.  I later said that she was feeling sorry for herself, and that I was feeling sorry for myself.  She called J.  I guess she didn't feel as safe with me as she usually does.  I explained to J. that I was cranky because I was in pain, and showed him my arm and leg.  He said, "Oh," and soon after asked if it was from gardening.

"Poison ivy," I explained.  He seemed to think that it was nasty stuff.

R. called various other people and told them that I was being cranky because I was in pain from the poison ivy.  At least she's framing it the same way I did.  I said to her that what I'd said was true, but that I should have said it more nicely.  She said she was sorry I was feeling so miserable, or words to that effect.

I talked to Mom, who was wondering if I should go down to Baltimore at all.  I said that I would hate to disappoint J., and that poison ivy didn't seem like much of an excuse to miss his graduation.  Mom seemed to think that I was having enough medical issues to perhaps not be up to travel and graduation ceremony.  I called my brother J. and explained the situation.  He said that if I had to miss his graduation because of illness, he'd feel bad that I wasn't there to celebrate the occasion with him, but that it sounded like I really wasn't well.

Updates later, I'm sure.

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