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Tuesday so far

I slept some last night, kind of on and off in the morning, and got up at eleven-something.  I finally broke down and called the doctor about my poison ivy, and got a late afternoon appointment.  I'd called the house to tell the parental units I'd be back in the suburbs in the afternoon.  Mom called back at one to ask if I could come early so I could take her to go vote.  I said that I was just leaving the apartment.

I took Mom to vote.  I'm still registered in the township, so I voted there, too.  I'm pretty liberal, especially for the county my folks' particular suburb is in.  Oh, people care some about the environment, wanting to keep the area pretty, but it's a very Republican county.  The various campaign people were huddled under an overhang near the polling place, and we shooed them off into the drizzling rain, since the overhang was over a handicapped parking space.  One of them helped get Mom's walker out of the back seat, though.  I guess whatever his political party, he had compassion for a physically disabled person.  Mom felt good about doing her civic duty.

After that, she wanted to go shopping for a small wallet.  Her usual wallet is pretty big, and heavy in her walker bag.  I took her to K-Mart, but they didn't have much selection, so we went to Wal-Mart.  They had something of a selection of wallets of various sizes and change purses, and Mom got herself a small wallet.  I went off to electronics to get an iTunes gift card for my brother.  I know it isn't terribly inventive, because I've gotten him that as a present for the last few Christmases and birthdays.  However, he appreciates it every time.  He loves music, and worked a side job for a while as the roadie for a "phat blues" band.

I went to the doctor, who said that it looked like my skin was getting infected in a few places.  She prescribed antibiotics, cream and by mouth, and Prednisone.  One of the remedies I'd been using said that severe cases of poison ivy could look like chemical burns, and the skin on the inside of my arm definitely has a resemblance to a burned area.
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