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Friday day

I was extremely tired Thursday night, and went to bed at one in the morning.  I didn't get to sleep until five-something, which was terribly frustrating.  I woke a little after noon, and worked on an editing job for a few hours.  I had to get back to Philadelphia by six for J.'s birthday party.  I left around four-fifteen, and ran into some traffic, but got to the party on time.  I would have liked to get some flower-planting done, but I had to prioritize the editing, and I'd told J.  I'd come to the party.

The party itself was pretty nice.  It was at a California Pizza Kitchen.  Aside from me, the guests were all from the supported-housing program, but most were relatively well behaved, no major acting out.  I'd gotten J. a card, and gave it to him.  The food was good.  I had several of their small slices of pizza.

I headed back to the apartment after dinner, and spent some time on AfterElton.  I'm dead tired again, but I doubt I'll sleep if I lie down.

Added later: I lay down for a couple of hours, something like nine to eleven.  R.A. peeked in a few times, asking if I was okay.  I'm not sure what was up with that, whether that's what she expects if she goes to lie down, or if she was just concerned, or what other reason she might have had for that.

I got up and stayed up for a while, reading Searching for Soaring Hawk, which was an interesting m/m Western about a man half-Native American and half-white, and his search for love across North America.  I don't think any of the other characters actually called him a half-breed, though they called him other things.  It was really an "OK Homo" book, many of the other characters either being into the man-love themselves or not caring.  I imagine there was a lot of m/m sex out in the Old West, but I don't think most of the men you'd run into would be homosexual themselves or possess what seemed like somewhat of a modern-day liberal attitude towards same-sex relations.  There was one token homophobic character, the Reverend-something, but I don't think any other heterosexual character cared that Soaring Hawk/Sam was a "sodomite," as the reverend so charmingly called him.  There was quite a "noble savage" feel to parts of the book.  If it's any indication, I'll read this one again.

I never got to sleep through the night, but I'll continue that in Saturday's entry. 
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