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busy Thursday

It was the big herb sale, so I made a concentrated effort to go to bed early last night.  I finished Val Kovalin's Ink Illusions, which I will comment on in another post, and must have fallen asleep by 2-something.  I woke a little after 8 a.m.  No one was more astonished than I was, though I think we were all very surprised.  I called S.M. about carpooling with her and her sister P.M.  S. said if I could get there by 9:30, they'd carpool with me.

I got to S.'s house just as P. did.  That was pretty good timing.  The herb sale starts at 10 a.m., and we got there around 9:45.  The line to get in was already stretching well up the road.  I said to P. that you had to go around and park in another meadow, but that if they wanted to drop me off, I'd get in the line.  They did that.

Right at 10, the gates opened, and there was this huge surge of gardeners into the meadow used for the herb sale.  I didn't even look at the heirloom roses section, as I've still got eight of this year's to plant.  I went straight for the tables with the scented geraniums and salvias, and hit the scented geraniums section first of all.  I got rose, nutmeg, Rober's lemon-rose, ginger, and "fingerbowl," which is a lemony variety.  Not that I have fingerbowls, and I don't think I've ever actually used one, but I can imagine putting the leaves into a fingerbowl.  Someone else was asking for 'Attar of Roses', but they didn't have any, or it had already gone very quickly.  After my sweep of the scented geraniums tables, I was off looking for pineapple sage.  There were a few left.  I got my two.

Then I started at "A" on the tables that loop around alphabetically.  I probably would have gotten some anise-hyssop if I'd thought of it or seen it, but I gravitated to the basils, and got a couple.  The basil I got at [big local independent garden center] was two seedlings.  One's died, and the other looks pretty sad, so I figured I'd get more.

I picked up a tiny bay leaf tree (laurel), perhaps six inches tall, then worked my way over to calendula.  I love calendula.  I got two of those, then a couple of "bouquet" dill.  I think I knew at some point why that variety was called "bouquet," but it tastes the same as the standard one.  One of the dill seedlings I got at [garden center] died, and the other isn't particularly thriving.  I think with certain of the herbs it's just that I returned to the apartment after that garden club day, and didn't water them regularly in their first few days potted up outside.  Some of the stock is still blooming, and the purple oxalis is flowering heavily.  The rosemary and lemon thyme are doing quite well.

I forget what all was next, but by the time I got to "H," the purple heliotrope was sold out, and they only had white.  It still smells good, so I got a couple of the white.  I skipped over lavenders, which I've never had much luck with.  English lavender is supposed to be marginally hardy here, but lavender doesn't show it like some other plants do when it's dried out.  It just still has grey leaves, and looks the same dead as alive, except for not having flowers, of course.  I paused to get lemongrass and a lemon verbena.  Then I asked the lady working in the "L" section if I could leave my flat there, as it was full.  She put it back behind.  I'd done the same with my tray at the scented geraniums section.

Still working my way through the "L"s, I got lovage.  I caught up with S. and P. at various spots, and when we were in the "O"s recommended that they get orris.  They already had lots of kinds of iris, they said.  I skipped over the rosemary tables, as I had that.  I got a caraway thyme in the "T"s.  So I have an ordinary creeping variety, lemon and caraway now.  When I got back to the "L" section to retrieve my flat, I found that I could fit everything into one, with some rearranging.  I skipped over the mints, too, as I have applemint, spearmint, chocolate mint, emerald-and-gold mint, orange mint, and probably another couple kinds (or hybrids of what I have) back there around the back door.

S. and P. had signed up to have an herbal lunch.  I had not signed up, but they still had some lunch places going, so I went ahead and got one.  They had two varieties of wraps, eggplant and flank steak.  They had salad and a bag of cookies.  You could get iced tea, but I just got water with a slice of lemon in it.  It was a pretty good lunch.  I'd never gotten the lunch there, just gotten my herbs and headed home.

S. and P. hadn't paid for their herbs yet, so I waited with the lady who was "herb-sitting" while they did that.  Once they'd paid, I waited for them to bring the car around.  I did the minimum of walking outside the herb sale meadow, but I walked and stood quite a bit within it.  We got back to S.'s by 1:00 or so.  S. wanted to do a couple of hours on the computer, but I had a 3:00 appointment, and was anxious to get home.  I told her we could get together for computer lessons sometime soon.  She wants to type up some documents in Word, and that I know how to do.

I "power-napped" for an hour or so, then headed off to my appointment.  So I made it everywhere I wanted to go today.  When I was done there, I stopped at a pharmacy in town for something for the poison ivy on my arm.  I knew I was weeding out poison ivy on Tuesday, but had my gloves on.  I washed my hands up to my elbows in detergent, too.  The poison ivy started at my elbow.  I wore a hoodie last night, and it spread down my arm.  I didn't find plain calomine lotion there, but a concoction that was part calomine and part diphenhydramine ointment.  It isn't bad.

When I got back to the house after that, I settled in to planting my treasures.  The lovage went in the herb garden by a couple of roses.  All the rest of the herbs went into various sizes of pots.  I think some of the pots are 24" across(?) -- at any rate, they take 80 pounds of potting soil to fill.  The pineapple sage went into those big pots, which had already been filled with dirt for previous herbs and for roses.  I put the heliotrope into a windowbox sort of pot with leftover chocolate mint and tiger lily seedlings.  I planted the lemongrass in a big pot that had tiger lilies in it as well.  The tiger liles grow well for me, but the deer eat the buds just before they bloom, which is heartbreaking to a gardener.  Some of the other pots already had some soil, too, but I used a 30-pound bag of potting soil for everything.

I replanted the original pot of chocolate mint.  It had rooted into that windowbox pot, and the runners were what had grown up a collection of chocolate mint in the bigger pot.  I planted the couple of sweet violets that survived the winter in pots with roses.  The blue one was blooming, and did indeed have the sweet violet smell.  Some of the violets native to North America are quite pretty, but I don't think any have a scent.  We've got the classic color, white, and purple-and-white as weeds.  The white violets are what Dad dug out of the herb garden. 

I had lemon balm both naturalized by the back door and in pots.  I repotted some that had been last year's seedlings into bigger pots.  I need to replant the pieces of bee balm that were still in there among the violets.  They're shallowly laid in a pot, but I want to plant them somewhere they can go into the ground and spread out, as they did before the violets took over.

So I got all the herbs from today planted, and a few from other times.  I still need to plant the scented geraniums in bigger pots, and I have several other garden projects to work on.  A third to a half of the containers out back are now planted in herbs and roses, and the rest still all weeds.  At some point I want to plant the blue flag iris into the ground, though I'm sure it has roots well into the soil from the pot.  That's in bud now.  I suspect that I have enough herbs and garden plants around to fill most of the pots.  I'll probably get some zonal geraniums and begonias when they're on sale at Home Depot.

I decided I might as well stay here in the suburbs tonight, and took Mom to the library after dinner.  She had her little list of books she wanted to get, and rode the library scooter while I helped her collect them.  We stopped to chat for a while with D., a reference librarian we're friendly with.  I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some calomine lotion, and hydrogen peroxide, which we're nearly out of at the house.

It was a busy day, but a productive one for me.  All the tender perennials that are on the windowsills can go out now, so I have some days worth of potting up flowers.  I'm amazed that even parts of the jasmines survived, but they'll go into much bigger pots, hopefully soon.

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