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old roses

'Mme. Zoetmans' covered in bloom.  Branches all fallen over from the weight of the flowers.  Need stakes.  'Ispahan' similarly has canes already arching from the weight of all the buds on them, and it's only just starting to bloom.  It's a lot higher off the ground than 'Mme. Zoetmans' is to start with, though, so the arching canes look good.  'Fantin-Latour' has several blossoms open.  Picked one.  'Konigen von Danemark', 'Cardinal de Richelieu' and 'Kazanlik' ('Trigintipetala') buds showing color.  Picked a flower of 'Botzaris' -- several open blossoms on that.  Mystery pink rose has some flowers open, lots of buds.  Picked a bud with sepals down from 'Maiden's Blush'.  It's all falling over Rosa Mundi -- need a sturdy trellis -- perhaps an iron one.  Rosa Mundi has a lot of buds.  'Mme. Legras de St. Germain' has a few -- looked like some had been eaten off.  'Armide' is being rather overshadowed by the sweet shrub.  Have to cut that back.  'Mme. 'Plantier' has dozens, perhaps close to a hundred, buds.

Sweet bay magnolia has several open blossoms.  That has a scent as good as any of the roses.  'Hyperion' daylily starting to bloom.  Is it always this early?  (Edited to add: This may actually be the "Tax Day" daylily, as that's the time it blooms in North Carolina.  The petals looked narrower than those of 'Hyperion', though it had rather a nice scent.)  Double tawny daylily ('Kwanzo') should be blooming in a few weeks.  I'd still like to find the old lemon daylily, and H. citrina.
Tags: flowers, gardening

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