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Wednesday real life

Mom and Dad had various medical things going on today, including Dad driving Mom to her physical therapy and both of them going for their allergy shots.  I called a couple of times to see how Dad felt about digging holes today, and Dad finally answered that he wasn't feeling terribly ambitious about that.  Although it was a very nice day out, I had wanted to get some things done back at and around the apartment.  We desperately needed to go grocery shopping, so R.A. and I did that.  I got a roll of quarters for laundry, and we got our assorted groceries.  At the checkout line, I asked, "Do you want to give me your twenty or practice paying?"

R. gave me her twenty.  In fairness, it would have been more like thirty-five or forty if we'd split the bill evenly, but R. had used some of her money on getting a taxi to and from her counselor's Tuesday.  She also owes M. quite a bit, according to him.  I didn't want to leave her with no money.  As it gets towards the end of the month, we'll use more of her money towards groceries.  She gets her spending money once a week, and I usually try to take her to the grocery store within a day or two after she gets her money.  I don't know how she was getting by before, but M. was taking her shopping and using his credit card to pay for her groceries and sundries.  He's not supposed to do that anymore.  It's not like she wants for anything materially.

When we got back, we started laundry.  Half the washing machines weren't working, but we found a couple that did.  R. bent her fingernail back in some strange way, and a drop of blood came from beneath it.  She was all freaked out, because she is scared of the sight of her own blood.  Yes, I know.  R. had started getting weepy even before that.  Apparently it's getting close to that time of month for her.  I just didn't have the mental energy or whatever it would have taken for me to be noticeably very sympathetic about her weepiness.  She was going on about being scared of blood, and I said that was something of a weird phobia, and that she should talk to her therapist about it.

One of the dryers didn't work, so we weren't done by the time I wanted to leave for the suburbs.  I'd thrown the still-wet laundry into another dryer.  It was a combination load, because we both had about half a dark load.  I asked R. and J. to bring my laundry up with hers.  When I called, they said they had.  I wasn't sure if they could manage that between the two of them, but apparently they did.  I'll see when I get back to the apartment.

I spoke to M., who works in the building, sometimes at the front desk, sometimes around the apartment building, about getting a laundry key.  I said we'd tried at Home Depot, and that the one they made didn't work.  M. had extras behind the desk, and gave me one that worked.  I guess it's progress -- three months later.  I'd either been doing laundry with R. or borrowing her key.  I think half the reason R. agrees to do laundry at all is that she doesn't like to be left alone in the apartment.  Good thing she's got J. to babysit her.

I was telling her not to take one item of laundry at a time, stare blankly at it for a while each time she handled it, and then move it to its next destination.  "Take armfuls," I said.  Since we had combined loads of laundry, I did that for laundry coming out of the washers and the dryers, just took armloads at a time, and quickly sorted out what was hers and what was mine once it was dry.  She thanked me, and I said, "It's not a thank you.  It's that I want to get it done."  I'm not sure sometimes whether she really is that slow, or if she just goes into work slowdown mode when she doesn't want to do anything.  I'm leaning towards that being her version of a work slowdown, though.  I just take my iPod down to the laundry room with me, and listen to that while I wait, in between urging her to move faster.

I push her to get a fair amount done when I'm there, though, so sometimes we have big laundry days and grocery days.  I kind of knew I'd be splitting my time between the apartment and the suburbs, but spring has turned into about a halfway split, with me spending a few days at a time in the suburbs sometimes.  I don't know if it's any better for her having someone there half the time, but presumably it's better for her than being by herself.  Maybe when it gets to be summer I'll be at the apartment complex more often.  They have a pool there.  Mom may end up coming to visit sometimes to go swimming.

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