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real life Monday

In which I was still a bad daughter.  I slept all day today, too, even later than Sunday.  After I got up, I asked Mom if she wanted me to take her to the liquor store, but it didn't seem so urgent since I'd found her a bottle of sherry.  She was a little tired from physical therapy by then.  The physical therapist didn't think those spots on her knee were infected, just irritated, so Mom didn't call the doctor.

I picked some white lily-of-the-valley, and wandered the yard a bit, thinking up where roses could be placed.  Dad seems to want to put the marigolds in the front yard, where the kale currently is, and where the chokecherry tree used to be.  He asked about putting a rose there, and I said, "One that isn't too thorny..."  That ruled out the rugosas.  I wanted something that would bloom much of the year, too, and that wouldn't clash with the marigolds.  I decided on 'Morning Has Broken', a Heirloom Roses shrub rose that's a nice clear yellow and blooms regularly.

I looked up how big some of the roses got in The Ultimate Rose Book.  One got to be 7' x 5'.  I don't remember if it was 'Mme. Isaac Pereire' or 'Paul Neyron'.  Whichever it is, I don't want to plant that too close to anything else.

I drove back to the apartment after dinner.  Dinner was Chick-Fil-A.  Once again I have failed to join in to a boycott.  R.A. wasn't there, though I figured she couldn't have gotten far.  It felt like a relief to have the apartment to myself for a few minutes.  R.A. and J. came back up from J.'s apartment within a couple of minutes, though.  I did things on the computer while they watched the Phillies game.

I spent some time looking up how big the roses I got tend to get.  Dad knows how to prune hybrid tea roses, and a lot of the ones I got are HTs.  I told him he could prune the Buck roses like you'd prune a hybrid tea.  They don't seem to be ones that get too terribly big.  'Aunt Honey' is listed as 3-4' x 3', and 'Prairie Star' as 4' x 3'-4'.

Tomorrow R.A. sees her grief counselor, then we'll probably do some grocery shopping, and maybe some cleaning.  Dad has some kind of doctor's appointment at 2 p.m., so he wasn't expecting to be planting anything.  I'll probably go back to the house Wednesday afternoon.  I want to get those marigolds planted, and I'm hoping to get more of those roses planted soon, too.

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