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real life Sunday

In which I was a bad daughter.  At 9:00 a.m., Mom said she'd like it if I came to church with her.  I said I'd been up late because someone on the Internet was wrong.  "Ask Dad to explain it to you," I said, and went right back to sleep.  Mom came in at 2:30 p.m., practically crying because no one had spent any Mother's Day time with her.  I got up and hung out with her for a couple of hours, interspersed with going out to see what's leafing out and/or blooming in the yard.  I'm not quite sure what Dad had done besides taking Mom to church and a brief stop at the grocery store on the way back, but he went to take a nap.

The orris in the front yard by the driveway, in the "crocus garden," is spectacular.  The American cranberrybush viburnum is blooming.  It's got a ring of sterile(?) florets around the fertile disk flowers.  The ferns are looking pretty spectacular, too.  Some have kind of covered over the astilbe, but it's so neat to see how they've spread and thrived.  I think they're mostly lady ferns.  There are a couple of Japanese painted ferns in there, too, but they're somewhat covered over as well.  The white lily-of-the-valley is in full bloom.  I have to pick some stalks of that.  The pink lily-of-the-valley in the small shade garden has leaves up, but no flowers yet.  It flowers almost a month later.  The white lily-of-the-valley is in a fairly sunny location, and the pink is in pretty deep shade.  The bleeding heart is blooming there in the shade.

Back to the family, Dad was quite cranky with Mom, which upset her quite a lot.  When my brother called, Mom cried and told him all about how bad Dad was.  I said, "And don't forget to put my sleeping through church in the litany."  Mom was a little confused, but didn't add that.  I meant, "in the litany of our sins."

Mom asked whether I was cooking or we were going out to a restaurant.  We called a couple of local restaurants, but the ones we called didn't really take reservations, and Mom didn't want to sit or stand and wait at a restaurant.  We got carside service from Appleby's.  I went to get it, with Dad along to hold the bag.  Mom had said she didn't want anything.  Dad got riblets, I got shrimp and rice, and we got their spinach and artichoke dip appetizer, which comes with nachos.  Mom ate a ton of nachos with the spinach and artichoke dip, so at least she ate something.  She heated up pork egg foo young from last night.

I actually would have shared some of the shrimp, but not only was it spicy, but it was heavy on the cilantro, too, so nobody else wanted that.  I'm the only one who likes cilantro.  Dad shared some of his riblets with me.  I think he'd kind of filled up on the nachos and dip, too.  So at least Mom got a semi-dinner.

I hadn't gotten to a liquor store, and Mom was almost out of sherry, but I crawled through the car in the garage, and found a bottle of sherry on the shelves out there.  Mom had asked for a bottle of sherry for Mother's Day.  When I get flowers, she says that I'm really getting them for myself.  I'd just as soon get something she'll really use.  She's hard to shop for that way.

Mom thought that a couple of spots along her knee incision were getting infected.  I looked, and couldn't tell.  The incision is still all quite red, although I could see that those two spots looked irritated.  I said that if it was me, I'd probably dig at them until I saw whether pus came out, but that I didn't actually recommend that anyone do that.  She said she'd call the doctor in the morning, and I promised to take her to the doctor, and to take her shopping.  That seemed to make her feel better.

I called Grandma S. after dinner, and said Happy Mother's Day to her, and passed the phone along to Dad, so he could say Happy Mother's Day.  After we talked to her, I left a message for Aunt P.S.  I wanted her to pass along a Happy Mother's Day message to R., too.  I called Aunt P.T., and told her how Mom was doing generally after the knee replacement.  I related how R.A. and I were doing as roommates, and said that I was spending some time in the suburbs, too, a little bit of caring for Mom and some gardening.  I said how I'd gotten some roses with the money Aunt A. gave me, and had them come with a "Happy Birthday from Aunt A." message.  Dad was helping me plant them, I said.

Aunt P.T. talked to Mom, and said that she was having a lumpectomy.  I don't know why people in the family don't tell me things.  I guess they remember when I was a child.  I'm certainly old enough to hear about illnesses now.  Perhaps they forget that I worked as a nursing aide for so many years, and know more about medical things than Mom does.  It's not that I'm fragile as far as hearing things like that.  Mom is really more fragile, though she's better at thinking of things to say.

Aunt P.S. called back.  She said R. and N. were still in England with the baby, J.  N.'s mother has brain tumors, so it's just a matter of waiting, apparently.  R. and N. got a flat there in England.  R. quit her job.  I have no idea what's going on with N., whether he's working there or what.  I'm sure they'll manage somehow.  I would have liked to see the baby, but I guess it's much more important that N.'s mother got the chance to see him.

Dad doesn't really call his mother or sisters, and Mom is tired of doing it for him, so I guess it's somewhat fallen to me.  That's okay.  I like catching up with Grandma S. and my aunts and their families.  I have a great extended family.

My day was not bad, except for sleeping through much of it.  I wish Mom had had a better Mother's Day, though.

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