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and the flowers

It was still slightly light out when I got to the house, so I went out and looked around.  The orris is in full bloom.  I had picked one that was the single one on a stem the other day, but all the ones blooming today had another bud or two lower on the stem, and I want them all to get a chance to flower.

The lilacs are almost done.  'Pocohantas' still had a few flowers on a couple of clusters.  I didn't get to Tyler Arboretum or Longwood Gardens to see their lilacs this year.  I try to get there every year, but these last two months have been very busy.  It smelled like the sweet shrub was still blooming.  That has sort of a fruity wine fragrance.  One horticulturalist describes it as smelling like Juicy Fruit gum.  Sometimes it's a bit much, and I'm kind of sorry I planted it very close to the lilacs, but it's generally not too bad.

I found that Dad had planted three more roses yesterday, 'Aunt Honey', which is a Buck rose; 'Tropicana' and 'Chrysler Imperial'.  The latter two are hybrid tea roses.  What with 'Tropicana' and 'Fragrant Cloud' being two of the roses I got, there will be a violent mix of colors in the garden when they bloom.  'Tropicana' makes a violent mix of colors with almost any other rose except white ones.  I've seen it described as technically being deep pink with an overlay of vermillion.  In practice, it's practically a flourescent orange.  I think it's just about as orange as a rose can get.  'Fragrant Cloud' is sort of brick red.  Those of my roses that aren't white are mostly pinks, with a couple of raspberry-colored ones, a striped one, and a yellow here and there.

Not much else going on that I saw, but I'll explore deeper into the back yard tomorrow, and see if the American cranberrybush viburnum is blooming.  Dad put the marigolds I got Thursday by the ornamental kale from last winter, which is going to seed with little yellow flowers.  The purple and white stocks are in a pot in back of the kale, so that's all very colorful as well if you like mauve with yellow and orange.

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