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Friday so far

Dad said he'd planted 'Dove', 'Sharifa Asma' and 'Prairie Star'.  The first two are David Austin English roses, the third is a Buck rose.  We'll see how they do in the ground.  I had 'Belle Story', another English rose, for a while in the herb garden, where the elecampane is now, but I think it got choked out by weeds.  It's a very pretty one.  The picture of 'Dove' in Martyn & Rix's Rose book -- the older edition -- is the basis for my tattoo, except my tattoo is colored pink.  I wanted the tattoo to be really my own design, not just a flash rose.

R. took a shower, of her own accord.  It had been several days.  Even if we don't get anything else done today, at least that was an accomplishment.  I'm hoping we get some laundry done, too.

Eight hours later: We got laundry quarters, and went shopping.  I feel rather obnoxious saying it was at Target, as their "family values" are different from my values, but I don't know if there's a K-Mart around here.  If there is, it's half an hour away or more, from what M. says.  I got things I'd been wanting, like another pillow, a lamp, some blank CDs, and various other stuff.  It was mostly home goods.

When we got back, we did several loads of laundry.  I did a couple of loads, and R. must have done five or six.  Not only did we get the laundry level in the hamper down considerably, but she did her sheets and the bathroom rug.

In between laundry, R. and J. watched the Phillies game.  I burned CDs and put music on iTunes.  Next time my brother's here, I have to ask him if there's a way to recover all the music I lost when I got a new hard drive.  I shopped at AQP.  I ended up getting a second copy of a book I'd already bought, so I sent it to S.  I really should have checked through my bookshelf first, but I was a little distracted with the various things going on.

I'll probably do a bit more book shopping here and there.  Someone on AE said that Dreamspinner Press books were 20% off.  It's ridiculously hopeless to try to find anything from a dark diamond-shaped icon that says "books."  All it does is make me wonder what the people who designed the website were thinking.  I may look at authors' names, then look up those authors on ARe.  At least ARe makes it easy to search for books.  Then I'll go back to Dreamspinner.  Perhaps I'll do it tomorrow, as it sounds like a lot of effort. 

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