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made it to garden club

I was still tired after sleeping yesterday afternoon, and must have conked out around 1 a.m., earlier than I have in months.  Mom called to me at 9:15, then called repeatedly to anyone in the house at 9:30 because she wanted help getting out of the shower.  Dad had already gone outside, so I helped Mom, then took a quick shower of my own.

I made it to garden club by 10:40 or so.  S.(S.) was arranging shells on the driftwood.  She had used a cluster of azalea blossoms.  She and B.H. had decided to use a long piece of coral rather than the bottle, so S. gave my bottle back.

I actually remembered to bring a horticultural plant with me.  I usually forget, but I picked a blossom of orris (Florentine iris) and a branch of sweet shrub to bring in.  I just thought they might be of interest.  Orris doesn't travel too well, or at least, it didn't with the vase in the cup holder.

Much garden club business.  I usually miss that because I'm not there in the morning.  They took a break so the outside judge for the flower arrangements could judge before she needed to go to an appointment.  Some of the arrangements didn't have anything to do with a beach theme except for having a couple shells scattered around the base of the vase.  The judge said that that looked like a "Hail Mary pass," which I thought was pretty funny.

The judge really liked our arrangement, though she thought the long piece of coral took away from the lines of it.  She thought the azalea cluster was a bit too much.  I said that if it had been a month later, I could have used rugosa roses, which would have been appropriate to the beach theme.  She said that would have given it a more airy sort of look.  Some of the arrangements were pretty creative.  One had driftwood, and a conch shell with wet sand holding a rose and grasses, with another couple of shells and a big piece of coral.  The judge didn't like the big chunk of coral in that one, either, saying it drew the eye away from the central part with the rose.  S.M. got pictures of it all.

We had lunch, and more business, then it was time for my program.  I'd written up a little about different cultivars of scented geraniums, and brought in a clipping of 'Candy Dancer' and the pot of apple geranium.  D.S. had brought a nutmeg-apple one, and S.M. brought in a citronella one and a potpourri one.  I didn't even know there was a potpourri cultivar.  I'd told S.M. I didn't have much in the way of scented geraniums, so she and D.S. helped out.

I passed around the three fragrance garden books I'd brought in, ones with chapters on scented geraniums.  J.D. asked if the geranium leaves were edible.  I said that they were edible, but that some tasted much better than others.  You can put rose geranium leaves into a jar of apple jelly while you're making it, and have rose geranium jelly.  You can use apple geranium leaves for flavoring, too.

D.S. gave me the nutmeg-apple geranium, and S.M. gave me the citronella one.  I had talked about rooting geranium cuttings, and I told S. that she should try to root the 'Candy Dancer' clipping I made.  J.M. said that she'd used cactus soil to root geranium cuttings.  I said that that was interesting.  I've never actually successfully rooted a geranium cutting, though I've grown zonal geraniums from seed.

J.M. had marigolds and parsley left from a fair program about the butterfly life cycle.  The fair had been on Sunday, and I'd slept through it.  I got some marigolds and parsley today, though.  I think I left with way more stuff than I'd brought in.

I ran a couple of quick errands after garden club, then went back to the house.  Dad had done some lawn mowing, then taken a nap.  He dug up some of the former herb garden to plant roses in.  I rescued the asparagus, and put it in the vegetable garden.  I rescued some bee balm, too.  Mostly white violets had crowded everything else out, though.  Dad said he was only digging up half the garden.  I made sure the big labels for the tradescantia were sticking out so he wouldn't dig that up.  The violently lime green leaves of 'Miss Kate' are different enough, but the leaves of common tradescantia are just a plain green.  The blue flowers are so pretty, though, I think.

The dwarf Siberian iris was blooming.  That survived the winter in a little pot.  I planted it.  The flowers are so delicate-looking and beautiful.  'Kronprinzessin Viktoria', the first rose Dad and I had planted, was starting to bloom.  I picked the first flower from that.  I planted some annual pinks around the tradescantia.  I had salvaged some miniature roses, the ones that quickly lost all their leaves right after as I bought them and brought them into the apartment.  Once I put them outside, they grew leaves back.  I planted them in narrow windowbox sorts of planters.  I expect they'll do pretty well outside for the summer.  Dad was telling me to consider how big they'd eventually get.  Their labels had no information of that sort.  I said that they were miniatures, so I didn't think they'd get all that much bigger.

This is a pretty good time of year as far as things really starting to bloom.  Not too much else going on with me today except for gardening things.

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