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Tuesday so far - garden club prep and TV - Rumours

I managed to get to S.(S.)'s house by 3:30 p.m., after I found my sea shells and washed the dust off them.  S. had tied some driftwood together and had a starfish posed against the driftwood, and some little shells, and tufts of dwarf fountain grass here and there.  She added oat grass and curly grass.  I unwrapped my shells and put them around the driftwood.  I had a piece of beach glass.  S. said that B.H. had some too, in blues and greens.  My piece is green.  I brought a little glass bottle that had salt iridescence on it.  I don't think I got it from the beach.  I suspect I got it from a shop with vintage things.

S. liked the little bottle.  She said we could put a ship into it, or shells, then said it could be a bottle with a message.  "Wasser post," she said at first.  Later she said it would be "Flaschenpost."  I have to ask R. from Austria how he'd say "message in a bottle."  S.'s little garden arrangement book was in German.  I could read some of it.  Thanks, R.

So we experimented with things to add, and put a couple of azalea blossoms with the shells and driftwood.  I liked that look.  S. reminded me that we were supposed to bring May baskets to the garden club meeting as well.  I don't think I'm going to spend much money.  My May basket will probably have azaleas in it.

At home, the orris is in bud, and 'Kronprinzessin Viktoria' has a couple of buds on it, one showing white.  Apparently it likes being in the blue-and-white ceramic pot well enough.  Dad had planted two more of the roses I wanted in pots, 'Maman Cochet' and another Tea rose.  I'll look at the labels tomorrow.  (Added later: It might have been 'Isabella Sprunt'.  That got planted eventually.  'Isabella Sprunt' is the yellow sport of 'Safrano'.)

Mom had gotten salmon.  I picked some dill, and Dad grilled the salmon.  We had stewed tomatoes, and I pinched back the top of the basil and had basil with mine.

It was the second time I'd seen Glee as it aired.  There was very little of Kurt, but he had a few lines.  There was a good amount with Brittany and Santana.  Santana is still very much in love with Brittany, but not ready to announce it to the world.  I'm looking forward to seeing the recap tomorrow.  I looked over at the replies on AfterEllen to a previous episode that was heavy on Brittany/Santana, and the readers there seemed to be very much taking it all to heart.  This episode, the club did numbers from Fleetwood Mac's Rumors album.  I realized that over the years I'd heard most of the songs on that album.

I'm now AfterElton buddies with VeryCutePanda, a Malaysian teenager.  He's a very naughty Panda, and some of the older members of AfterElton threaten to spank him every so often.  I think he'd probably like it.  Panda said that since he agreed to be my buddy, I could send him lavish gifts.  I asked him what he was thinking of, exactly, though I'm not really going to be sending lavish gifts to Malaysia from here.

That's about all that's going on here.  I really should get to Longwood Gardens sometime this week.

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