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Not much of it so far for me.  I was planning to try to get to sleep relatively earlier, and took an allergy pill at 11:30 p.m. Saturday.  It didn't really make me sleepy, though it cleared up my sinuses nicely.  Around 1:30 or 2:00 a.m. I looked at the MLR site, where Deadly Nightshade was up as the week's free book.  I read a couple of chapters into it, when I got it as the free ARe book.  Once I had it up on screen, I went ahead and read it.  It didn't seem terribly unusual for a book of Victor's, from what I've read of his writing.

Gay guy, (mostly) straight guy, police paired to solve a homicide.  Only Victor could have gotten away with writing some of the things he did.  A straight woman would have been totally slammed for them.  I liked the book, though there's a lot more to explore with the protagonists, so I'll probably need to read the next few in the series.  It was an interesting look at things, with Stanley having tons of experience with the gay scene, and Tom with the police experience.

Anyway, though I tried to get to sleep by 4, I think I finally fell asleep after 9.  Even for my typically messed-up sleep schedule, this is getting very bad.  I slept all day, had cereal at would have been anyone else's dinner time, and did a couple of things around the apartment.  S. had called while I'd been sleeping, so I called him back.  I asked how things were with his man friend, and they seemed to be all right.  I'm just calling S.'s lover that because he's so much older than S.  S. told me that his dad had taken a job in Virginia, but the family isn't moving.  S. said that meant he'd be around the house at least half of the time, doing for his mom and sister.

Back at the apartment, I divided up the side dishes M. brought, and took creamed spinach and sweet and mashed potatoes back to the house with me, along with some stuffing he'd made.  I left the chicken there for R.A. and J., and the rest of the portions of the side dishes in good-sized containers -- perhaps quart size or so.

Mom had thought I was bringing the chicken, but found some fried chicken in the freezer.  We made a pretty good meal of it.  M. called to see if R. had been whimpering when I left.  "She seemed like she wanted to, but she didn't," I said.  "She helped me carry things down to the car.  I told her I'd be back."  I think she's starting to believe it, and it's true enough.

After dinner, I read one of the books I'd gotten on my most recent Loose Id shopping trip, Sexual Persuasion.  The male protagonist had done some rather bad things, but the villain was a lot worse.  The author took great care to make it clear that (*spoiler*) though the hero had had a gay love affair in the past, it was only for that one special man.  After that "Gay for Him" fling, he was straight again.  He could have been much more honest with the heroine a lot faster.

It was all kind of like Revenge -- is there an extra "h" in there?  It's been a while since I read Lover Avenged.  Except I think it was just hookers and blow and (*spoiler*) his half-sister, even though he really didn't want to, for Revenge.  The one I just read didn't have that, just a relatively ordinary guy for a romance hero who worked for a racketeer and was rumored to be gay.  The heroine heard about that all right away.  It was only gradually she learned what was true and what was false.  I wish they hadn't had quite so much of her thinking, and her friends saying, that the guy was bisexual at worst.  At worst?  The phrasing didn't sit well with me at all.  It did seem kind of modern in that a woman could accept a bisexual man as her hero, though not without romance complications and misunderstandings.  It could have been handled better, it could have been handled much worse.

The other two books I got from Loose Id's offerings this week were plain m/m, though the authors aren't plain.  Lisabea has talked up Samantha Kane many times, and the third book I got was Josh's new one.  I got the e-pubs, though I wouldn't mind if I won the PDFs in a contest or whatever.  No, that's greedy of me.  I do wish Loose Id let the customer have more than one format, and just limited the number of downloads.  There may be a download limit, actually, but I haven't reached it.  I just download once or twice under usual circumstances, and have a copy on the computer and one on a USB drive.  Now I generally have a copy on my e-reader if I haven't read the book yet.  I was glad of it, especially the USB drives, when my computer died, that I knew I hadn't lost everything.

(Editing for clarity in the previous paragraph: You can download a book more than once from Loose Id.  It's just in the particular format you picked to start with, but I've downloaded a book up to four times from there on occasion.  As I said, I haven't reached their limit yet.)

I'll read Josh's soon.  It sounded good to me.  I love historicals.

No other plans for the night.  Garden club lady meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss the arrangement we're supposed to make with driftwood and shells and beach flowers.  In May.  In a landlocked state.  S.(S.) was quite dubious about getting the materials, too.  I said I had some shells.  We were both wondering how the ladies on the flower arrangement committee come up with these things.

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