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Friday so far

It was a pretty quiet day, but I was kind of tired from all the driving and stress lately.  It seems that someone is trying to steal my identity.  (I'll do another post on that.)  They're welcome to my poverty, but I'm pretty law-abiding, and I'd hate for that to be changed because of what someone else is doing under my name, and with what little I have.  It's really pretty nerve-wracking.  If anyone gets particularly weird e-mails from me, please let me know right away.  The person or persons was trying to get into my e-mail, among other things.

I scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors.  Though we didn't do any laundry, we shook out the bathroom rug, and I had R.A. take the trash out.  I did the dishes.  We had Jasmine Pearls tea, which didn't keep R. awake.  Maybe we'll do coffee tomorrow.

Mostly I've been catching up online.  R. from Austria is on this kick about how many Americans don't know the difference between Austria and Australia, and has a "No kangaroos in Austria" sign on his AfterElton profile.  VeryCutePanda, who's Malaysian, said that he hadn't known there was a difference as of high school or so, but knows now.  R. added that there weren't any koalas or crocodiles in Austria, either.  Another of R.'s buddies came up with a picture of a koala at the Vienna Zoo.

I said that it was true that some Americans didn't know the difference between Austria and Australia, but that some did.  I knew, I said.  After his listing of what animals are in Austria: "We have cows, sheep, ducks, pigs, even fish, but no kangaroos!" I asked him if there were European wild cats in Austria.  They look much like housecats, but are somewhat bigger, and they're supposed to be nearly impossible to tame.  He hasn't gotten back to me yet on that, though he said he thought Wildkatze was the German word I was looking for.  He lives out in the country.  It's possible that there are some European wild cats in the woods there.  If we had a bobcat in our next-door neighbor's back yard, I'm sure it's possible that there are small native carnivores in Carinthia.

I have some idea of what fauna are native to the Old World and which are indigenous to the New World.  Horses came over from Europe, though they adapted very quickly to living here.  North America already had white-tailed deer and mule deer, wolves, cougars, coyotes, hares, and gray foxes.  The red fox was brought over in Colonial times because they were considered better for fox hunting.  They didn't go to ground as quickly as gray foxes did, and they don't climb trees.  (I don't think.)  I believe opossums are native to America, our only marsupial.

Well, that was a tangent.  R. works hard to educate Americans about Europe, though.  AfterElton is a site based in the U.S., but has members from Germany, Austria, the UK, Canada, Romania, Malaysia, South Africa, Peru and Uruguay, and, yes, Australia.  North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.  Worldwide, indeed. 

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