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Thursday later

Trip to B & N.  I got the first half of the second season of Glee and J.R. Ward's latest BDB book.

Various other errands.  I picked some lilacs, but they faded badly on the trip back to the apartment.

I came out to R., sort of.  On the trip back, she said her sister was a lesbian.  I tried to think how to phrase what I said to someone with no internal filter, knowing that if R. remembered, it would be either repeated verbatim to anyone she encountered or repeated in an R.A. version.

I said that mostly I dated men, but had dated a few women.  I tend to get along better with men, I said.  Lesbians don't like how much attention I pay to men.  That summed up my history and experiences.  God knows how R. will report it to others.  I didn't actually use the word bisexual.  I suppose I was minimizing to some extent, though it was all true enough.  Oh, and I said I got along pretty well with the gay boys.  Also true enough, at least with a good number of them.

We'll see how that all plays out, but I couldn't bring myself to lie.  Given R.'s mental capacities and that inner voice/outer voice are the same for her, I can imagine any number of ways it could go.

I was catching up on some online news when A. from Green Bay called.  We talked from 10:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. my time.  If we were running things, I think we would have solved all the problems of the world.  He was telling me about the day's controversies on AfterElton.  As usual, there was a discussion about the amount of TV time gay characters get.  One guy, who turned out to pretty much be a troll, said that the representation was shrinking, and that Kurt from Glee didn't count because he was a fairy.  Wow, did that get people going.  Also, insulting much?

The other one was Tiger Cub, in his Snails and Oysters column, saying that Dan Savage was biphobic.  I don't doubt that Dan has had some bitter experiences with bisexual men.  He's told a story or two along those lines.  However, judging all people in a group by your experiences with some is prejudice.  Like Tiger Cub, I acknowledge that Dan has done a lot for the gay community.  A couple of trolls there said that Tiger Cub was taking Dan's comments out of context.  Not really.  Teddypig did a post on this where he quoted Dan a few times.  TPig also went by his own experiences, though he acknowledged that it was different for women.

It wasn't all trolls, though.  There was just a lot of prejudice from quite a number of commenters.  Some were tolerant, some said they were trying not to judge all bisexuals by their experiences with them -- I was pleased by the acceptance from some readers.  Others are obviously going to keep judging by their own experiences.  I don't think there's much you can do about that.

Sometime very early this morning, I finished up my line edit of Jade's shapeshifter book.  I had already given it a good going-over, so I just had a few more comments to make.  It was a very cute story.

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