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Wednesday real life

Grocery shopping and laundry day.  And R. took a bath.  I'm amazed at how much we got done.

Talked to S. for a while, talked to J. (my brother) for a while.  I had contacted a couple of authors about having them come to [university].  Both said yes, I referred them to the mentor of the group, and I don't believe there was any follow-up.  S. said he'd follow up if I sent their contact information, which I'll do very soon.

I had lost all the songs I had on iTunes when my computer broke.  I don't know if I contact them and tell them if they'd laugh at me, or tell me there's some way to retrieve them.  Teddypig says that the books he files under iTunes are out there in an ether cloud somewhere.  I'm not sure how the Piggy does what he does with music and books, though.  I had hoped they'd still be located somewhere in my files, but I can't figure out where they'd be.  I think they're just lost.

Anyway, I'm downloading again from the CDs I have in my car.  Some are mixes, so I'm just putting who the artist is or what I named the mix.  I can put in the information I know when I listen to the song.  I have a number of CDs back at the house, too, saved from when my brother took boxes of CDs to be put in our parents' storage unit.

I ended up downloading some CDs of my roommate's to my iTunes, too.  She has quite a lot of pop and some relatively modern musicals.  I will refuse to admit any more publicly than here that I listen to some musicals.  I will admit that I still need to read the book Wicked.  I've heard a lot about it, of course.  Does reading the original Oz books count for anything?

Once my brother has graduated, perhaps he can come up here with his laptop and do the home sharing thing with his albums.  This computer is already set to share with his laptop.  He has probably millions of songs on his iPhone.

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