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Tuesday real life

Went to Olive Garden.  Missed Glee.  Is there a web version that airs sometime this week?

Added later: So R.A.'s cousin R.M. wanted to take us to Olive Garden, along with R.'s boyfriend M. I had said that I wasn't doing anything, then reconsidered, remembering that Glee was on. This was late at night, so I wrote a note to R. asking if she could change it to Wednesday. When I got up Wednesday, she hadn't talked to R.M., but had talked to M. extensively. It was the usual screaming, "Don't hang up on me! I'm sorry! You are too coming on Saturday! Don't hang up on me!"

I gave up and called M. I asked him if he could tape Glee for me. He said he would. I'd asked Dad as well. I figured that one of them would get it right. I decided to forget about watching Glee while it was on. R. had a doctor's appointment that her social worker, C., took her to. I saw C. for the first time in a while afterwards, as she filled up R.'s pill boxes and R. did other things in the apartment, and we discussed in general terms how things had been going. They think R.'s doing much, much better since I've been there. Well, since I've been there and she got her meds changed, though they think both are helping. I was nonplussed. C. said it wasn't at all unusual for R. to lie in bed and cry for days, like she did right after I first moved in. C. was very happy that R. was doing less of that. I try to keep R. busy when it seems like she's getting antsy. There's always laundry and dishes to do, and cleaning to do.

R. talked to R.M. on the phone a few times, saying that he wanted to meet us at seven, then seven-fifteen. I should have known she'd be unreliable about reporting information, because he called at seven to say he was downstairs, and of course neither of us were quite ready yet. Turns out he'd brought his wife E. as well. It was kind of nice to meet more of his -- R.'s -- family. E. seemed pleasant enough.

Dinner had its ups and downs. R. and M. had a couple of tickle fights, which is nothing new. R.M. started asking for the manager several times just after we'd had our salads, and finally went off in search of her. I'm not quite sure what his problem was, but I think he felt the service was too slow. I was mortified to be at the table with someone who was doing that, and apparently does it regularly. I can see getting the manager if there's an emergency, but it made me hideously uncomfortable about the kind of person R.M. is.

We'd spoken of my jobs in the car, which somehow turned into how much money I earned per book I worked on. When I thought about it a bit later, I wondered why that was their business. Sure, I'm paying R.M. rent, but as long as I'm coming up with it, that's all he really needs to know.

When R.M. asked about our spending, I said that much of our money had been going towards grocery shopping. I said that we'd gotten lots of TV dinners. C. had rather approved of us getting TV dinners on sale. It was cheaper than ordering out all the time, which R. does otherwise. R.M. wasn't too happy that we were getting TV dinners, and said that I should be getting a nice chicken, and cooking that. Like he's the one who does the cooking around his house, I'm sure.

I later explained that I was doing much of the cleaning, and supervising all of R. doing her laundry, so apparently R.M. thought that I was earning at least some of my keep, even if I wasn't cooking. Keep in mind that I am paying rent here. I didn't know he expected a cook, too. I said to M. later on in the conversation that he could bring a chicken over on Saturday, and that he could show me how to cook it. R.M. took R. and me home, while M. went off to the Acme. He'd gotten himself to the Olive Garden, presumably by bus.

R. and I went back out to take M. home, with a detour to pick up milk and fruit juice and take them back to the apartment. R. had had a twenty, but said that she didn't have it anymore, that she'd had to give the man in the parking lot some money. After we went over this a few times, M. figured out that she'd had to pay for parking at the doctor's. We made do at the Acme with the eleven dollars she had left. M.'s attempt to record Glee hadn't worked. We'll see if Dad did any better. M. gave R. a bottle of gefilte fish that he couldn't eat, since it had gluten in it. We headed back to the apartment.

P.W. called to say she was bringing R.'s weekly spending money over, and none too soon. We went down into the apartment building lobby, and saw her waiting out in her car. We spoke for a little while. I'm planning a grocery shopping trip tomorrow, plus some laundry and cleaning. It should keep R. busy. We'll see how much of it she goes along with. I hope I sleep tonight, since I didn't last night. It wasn't a bad day, though I wasn't thrilled with R.M. It was good to be able to give C. something of a rundown on what was generally going on.
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