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R. and J. were watching TV, but R. got up and unlocked the door for me, and opened it.  At least she remembered what I said about how she could unlock all the locks rather than just take the chain off and stand there.  Well, she remembered this time.  I thanked her, saying that I carried a lot back and forth with me on my trips.

R. said that her cousin R.M. had invited her and M. and me to dinner at Olive Garden Tuesday night.  I said that was fine with me, then remembered that Glee was on.  I asked Dad to tape it, but even if the taping is successful, it will be a few days until I see it.  Maybe I should ask if she can make it for Wednesday night.

I pretty much went to the computer while the TV was on.  I heard R. singing along to some of the show, so I assume it was American Idol or some such.  It had seemed like things were unusually calm and under control, but when I went into the kitchenette, I saw that the little coffeemaker I'd gotten was covered in ground coffee and still plugged in.

Given that I'd barely stopped R. from putting tin foil over something before she put it in the microwave, and that she had managed to catch some paper towels on fire at the stove, I was just glad she hadn't burned down the apartment.  She was in the bathroom, so I cleaned the coffeemaker and then asked her about it later.  She said that M. had made coffee.  I was glad she hadn't tried to.  I was surprised he left little heaps of coffee all over the place.  I suppose he just poured it directly from the bag, and didn't clean up at all.

I said that I thought it was better if M. or I made the coffee, rather than her making it.  She seemed fine with that.  "And make sure you unplug the coffeemaker when you're done with it," I said somewhere along the line.  She said that had been M., too, leaving it plugged in.  I said I'd tell him, too.

The paper towel roll was used up, with the tube left there.  I have to work with her on putting new rolls in when you use one up.  It's not that she doesn't know that you can put a new one in.  It's just another example of her being lazy.  She just wants everyone to do things for her.

Back online, Teddypig had a post about a group of little e-publishers behaving badly.  I followed some of the links in it, and links from those links, to Dear Author and Writer Beware, among other places.  Dear Author gets a ton of comments when they post about e-publishers that mess with authors' rights and royalties.  I feel bad for the authors stuck in those situations.

I followed various things on AfterElton.  I've kind of been catching up on some of the articles from when my computer was broken.  One article asked why Chris Colfer wasn't featured in teen magazines in the U.S.  Anecdotal evidence, plus large groups on Tumblr and writing fanfiction, argued against the suggestion that teen girls wouldn't find him attractive.

The consensus was that the powers-that-be at the magazines didn't think their teen or tween audiences would think he was cute, that he wouldn't fit in with the fantasy dreamboy thing at all.  The powers-that-be have quite a lot of catching up to do about how many teen girls find gay boys adorable.  I tend to be attracted to androgynous, though identifiably masculine, guys.  There's a point for me at which the switch flips, and the realization that a guy would never be interested in me makes my appreciation of him merely aesthetic if he's cute.  There's just too much physical reminder that he's not into women.  I could actually wish my switch flipped faster that way.  Perhaps it does more so now than when I was a girl.

That's why when Lisabea decided that Roman Wild was her new favorite gay boyfriend, I wasn't jealous.  He was definitely the type I'd want as a best friend forever.  He's very cute, and certainly very sexy.  It's crystal clear that that sexuality is a gay sexuality.  It was like with her old favorite gay boyfriend, Adrien English.  It's also very clear from him that he likes women as people, but wouldn't think of one as a sex partner.  Adrien is best friend forever material, too.

Kurt Hummel is adorable.  He could be my fictional character secret love child -- as opposed to my real life secret love child.  It makes sense to me, and that's what matters.  Going back to my teen girl days, he's also the sort that I would want to be best friends forever with.  I don't think you're going to get sophisticated understanding from teen girls, but between the ones who wish they were gay boys so they had a shot -- I forgot who reported on that on AE, but I agree that it's a cute reaction -- and the young m/m romance fans, I think magazines for teen girls that had articles about Chris Colfer would be very popular issues indeed.  Well, it's the magazines that are missing out.  The teen girls have the Internet.

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