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Monday so far

Pretty quiet.  Dad took Mom off to her first time of out-patient physical therapy.  I read a little, including Willa Okati's "Screen Scenes: Surrender," which was cute.  I'll probably go out and pick some flowers, then head back to Philadelphia late this afternoon or this evening.  I'm thinking of finishing up my line edit of Jade's story tonight or tomorrow.  It doesn't need much in the way of fixing -- it was very clean to start with.

The AfterElton readers again seem to be all right with my comments lately.  As long as I keep it to my personal experience, or say that I have an understanding of something, but it's just my take on it, I usually seem to be okay.  I keep in mind that it's easy to be misinterpreted online, though.

I have to introduce U. from AfterElton to other groups of m/m romance readers.  He says that AfterElton is the only place he's found where he can talk about the books he loves.  I'll introduce him to "my people," and he'll find many other places to discuss m/m books.  Right, Kris?

Somewhat later: Dad and I alternated dropping our cars off so we could get lube and oil changes.  In between, we went to the grocery store.  Acme was having their "cheap chicken" Monday, so we got that.  I got some half-price chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs.

My car now has oil and a new pair of windshield wipers, as the old ones were broken.  Later tonight I'll do a flower entry, and talk about all the spring flowers blooming in the yard.
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