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Easter Sunday

Well, late Saturday I finally watched Tuesday's episode of Glee.  Dad had taped it for me.  I knew I was going to be at a seder.  AfterElton/AfterEllen (same reviewer) ripped into the show for having the Sandy character saying he was "a predatory gay."  When I finally saw that, I thought it deserved some excoriation, but I didn't think Glee's audience would have taken it too seriously.  On the meta level, he'd just made a mild pass: "Are you single?" to a character played by Cheyenne Jackson.  Cheyenne's character moved his chair away slightly when Sandy said that about being a predatory gay.  I'd heard about Cheyenne Jackson, and seen photos, but I don't know if I appreciated how gorgeous he is.  He's mentioned a lot on AfterElton for being an openly gay actor.

Sandy was meant to be awful to start with, ever since the first episode.  This one, as counter to any condoning what he says, Blaine and Kurt say that he's a horrible person.  That's two gay characters disapproving of his behavior.  There was some commentary on how many gay characters were in the episode.  Kurt and Blaine, the loathsome Sandy and bullying Karofsky (I hadn't seen any episodes with him in it yet, so I've missed that, though I'd heard about it), and Santana, who refuses labels but is a woman-loving woman.  Kurt, Blaine, Karofsky and Santana were all together in one scene, too.  Glee shows many different ways to be gay, varied personalities, good and bad characters.

Also late Saturday, I read over Jade's were-bear story, which was as cute as I thought it would be.  I conked out shortly after watching Glee, and hours earlier than usual.

I spontaneously woke at 8:30 a.m., with no wake-up calls.  Mom was calling incessantly for Dad to help her bathe and get ready, so it's not like it was quiet.  After Mom bathed, I took a quick shower, and we were at the church by 9:45 or so.  It was packed.  Mom and I got single seats not so far from each other, then one older gentleman volunteered to sit with his old friend so Mom and I could sit together.  Dad had dropped us off right in front of the church, so he ended up sitting a few rows back, in a pew that had a single space left.

I'd thought that Mom would get a wheelchair, as she apparently had for Palm Sunday.  This time she just used her walker the whole time, even going up to Communion on it, when I said she should just let them bring Communion to her.  They do that for handicapped parishioners.  Mom is getting better every day, though, more able to walk, walking short distances with the cane or just holding onto pieces of furniture or railings when she's in the house.  Well, it was a planned surgery, and she was allowed to put as much weight as she could tolerate on that leg by her second or third day at the hospital.

I took a nap after brunch, was on the computer for a while, then went outside.  It was nearly eighty out and very humid.  I thought it was rather too hot to try to plant roses, and Dad had no desire to help.  I took my pruning shears and put on my leather gauntlets, and pruned dead canes off the sweet briar rose, the big one.  The gauntlets made it much easier work than it otherwise would have been.  I had one thorn go into the skin near the bend of my elbow, and hook out again, so it looked like a piercing.  I pulled that out by the bigger end -- the base of the thorn -- and ran cold water over the spot.

I got a few dead-looking canes that still had small live branches shooting off them.  I brought the small branches in to enjoy the sweet smell of the leaves inside.  I left my gauntlets on to cut them to put in water.  Then I went up and put peroxide on the place I'd been hooked by the thorn.  That stung.  I put Neosporin on after that.

Then I was mostly at the computer again, with pauses to help fix the vegetables.  We had a very small ham steak, sweet potatoes, and green beans, with the leftover pecan pie for dessert.  I had said I'd gotten that to share, and I did share it.

U. from AfterElton did a post on the m/m romance thread there asking why people read the romances.  He said it was a way to get more contact with gay life, as he and his life partner live in the suburbs with their kids, and mostly just see straight people.  I said it was a break for me from the world of straight, too.  I also said that the theme of a romance succeeding against the odds was a very old one.  Any gay romance with a nod to the real world has that lack of support or outright opposition from society and family, and internal conflicts.  J. from Buffalo gave some reasons.  She agreed with me about the "against the odds" romance, and mentioned other aspects she likes.  So, so far, we've gotten gay, bisexual and straight points of view on it.

I caught up on some blogs.  Kris had her guilty pleasures post, and I named some of mine.  Sean Michael's Jarheads books are one.  Then there's J.R. Ward.  I said I'd been looking forward to Indigo Knights: Squire long before it was published, as something light and fluffy to read, and that I'd loved Hell, too.  If I want yaoi-inspired light and fluffy, Jet's m/m books are the way to go.  I much prefer the ones in which the characters are gay or bi to start with, though I'm okay with very bi-curious.  Sometimes I just want popcorn reading, I said.

Teddypig had a post a few days ago about someone plagiarizing With Love.  I just saw that one.  It generated perhaps the most comments ever on a blog post of his, or probably up there at least, over one hundred.  J.L. Langley's books are very well known to many m/m romance readers.  I'm glad the person didn't get away with it.  I think they caught it pre-publication.  I could see where the copying was when I just read the plagiarized version.  With Love is a story I've read many times.

I called S. to see if tomorrow was the day he was officially installed as president of the GLBT organization, and the awards ceremony.  It may have been last Monday, though.  I only got his voice mail.  I figured I'd be staying into Monday here.  I'd already promised to take Mom grocery shopping again.  I can call the GLBT organization office tomorrow afternoon.

I expect I'll just be on the computer some more tonight, or reading.  I read a novella by Sean Michael writing as S. Michael, a m/m/f werewolf menage, called Bringing Her Home.  It was cute.  I read another novella by a new author, Singing Up the Sun.  I read Syd's "Rosemary for Remembrance," which I'd gotten a week or so ago.  That was very good, as is everything of Syd's I've read so far.

M., the publisher M., had a note I read about how in some m/m literary erotic fan fiction groups, there was the feeling that the characters shouldn't have anal sex, that it ruins the purity of the story.  I'll have to tell S. that.  I'm sure he'll be vastly amused.  I think it was something about how since they didn't have vaginas...I'd think it was unbelievable, but I've seen stranger things in fan fiction trends.  I'm sure I don't have to worry about it with Changeling, as almost all of the m/f couples have anal sex sooner or later in a story, whether they need to or not.  It's some kind of "anal sex is the new sex" in erotica.  That's a very strong and long-lasting trend.  In a menage with two guys and a woman, sooner or later the woman is simultaneously penetrated vaginally and anally.  I think it's pretty much the rule there that female characters will get it in the "back-door place," as Lisabea calls it.  The more submissive male character in anything even hinting at the "Bisexual and More" category up through the "Gay and Lesbian" category will invariably get fucked.  If it's not a clear alpha/lower rank situation, they'll take turns.  Anal sex for bi and gay male characters is very much the rule there.

I definitely have to tell S. about that worrying about the "purity" of the story.  We'll have to search out and read some of that stuff.
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