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Saturday real life

Well, S.M.'s man who does the heavy yardwork, G.T., came to take a look at our yard.  He looked around where I wanted to plant the roses, and heard my ideas for where another rose bed could go.  G. finally said that he couldn't really give me an estimate, but that he charges $55 an hour, and he could plant all the roses in a day of work.  Somehow I don't think that amount will fly with Mom, considering that Dad already got me a new hard drive, and I think they'd just as soon have that be my birthday present.  Perhaps I'll ask S. or some of the other students if they want to earn money digging holes.

Dad drove Mom and me to the produce place, where we picked up several kinds of fruit.  Then, though we were basically across the street from a couple of grocery stores, he drove home instead so he could go to a funeral.  It was for the son of a woman Mom and Dad know slightly from church.  Mom said she would have gone, except that she didn't think she could sit that long for a funeral service.

I drove Mom to the grocery store.  Since my ankle was aching so badly, I took a scooter, too.  I don't know why it was so bad today.  I brought my duffel bag and other canvas bags with my things in them to the house with me last night, but all of that wasn't as heavy as it has been when I was carrying a CPU back and forth.  I did laundry the other day, but you'd think my ankle would ache that night or the next day.  I had a heating pad on it last night.  I guess it's just the rain.

We -- I -- got a lot of food.  Of course I'll share it, considering that Mom paid for most of it.  I just filled up their refrigerator, and I'll try to take some of it back to the apartment with me, depending what's left.

I looked to see if anyone had replied to me on AfterElton, but I think most are busy with the holiday weekend and getting together with family and friends.

Jeff sent the third draft or so of a book.  It's a m/f erotic thriller that started out as erotica with thriller elements.  It's evolving from its origins to be relatively more literary in tone, but it hasn't exactly been a painless evolution.  Now that they've been published, I'll say that I adored Buddha on the Road, a m/m romance/thriller with supernatural elements; and Reich TV, an alternate history.  Jessewave's reviewer gave Buddha on the Road five stars.  I had told Jeff it was a winner.

I have a very cute Jade Buchanan story to work on, too.  Jade writes books with all kinds of combinations of characters.  I enjoyed her "cat-people from outer space" series, as I call it, very much.  This is a m/m/m and they're were-polar bears.  I'm expecting it will be cute from having read the short story that introduced them to each other and the reader.  I'm guessing they'll be playing in the snow in all kinds of ways.

More later, if anything exciting happens, or I feel like reporting further about the polar bear boys.

I read the review, and a commenter talked about head-hopping.  I suppose that's on me as the editor.  The book had marked point-of-view changes, but didn't have characters seeing what they couldn't have seen from their perspectives.  I don't know if I want to comment or not, but I'm thinking it would be much smarter not to.  I felt it was clear whose head the reader was in at all times.  I would have said so if there were any switches in POV that I couldn't keep track of.  I'll keep that in mind for next time, though.

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