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Monday night: finally got my computer functioning again here at the apartment, after figuring out how to plug in various things.

Monday day: Starting very late Sunday night -- if you want to look at it that way -- I conked out at around 2 or 2:30 a.m., inexplicably tired, considering that I'd slept all day.  I made it to my 11 a.m. appointment, but my eyes were closing as I drove back.  I had brunch, then took a nap.  Mom and Dad headed off shopping, after an hour delay while they looked for Mom's prescription.

Dad had gotten the computer going, so I worked to try to restore what I had in the backup.  All my documents and pictures ended up in "Recently Changed."  I saved e-books, editing and pictures here and there.  They didn't have their folders, so I made new folders.  They'd saved sort of in the order they were in when I had folders.  I got some, then made a big mistake and hit the icon for "Sort alphabetically."  It put all the PDFs and other format e-books, Word documents, and pictures into alphabetical order -- everything.  After that I kind of gave up.

I went outside, and placed the tea roses where I wanted to put them into pots.  I showed Dad when he and Mom got home, but he said his leg was very sore.  He'd been on the riding mower during the day, apparently.  I'll probably go back Wednesday and see if he's up for rose planting, or see what I can do myself for the ones I want to plant in pots.  I suggested that some of the other roses go into the herb garden, as that doesn't really have a lot of herbs left in it at this point.

I pointed out the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster on either side of the herb garden, and A.G. said, "And a battalion of weeds in between."  That was several years ago, and is even more true now.  I put the flats of annual pinks and the pots of dwarf Siberian iris towards the front of the herb garden, thinking they could go there where all the violets are now. 


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