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pretty good day so far -- Saturday

M. came over around noon, and got R. in line pretty quickly.  I fixed R. some coffee, which didn't seem to have too much effect in making her more awake.  J. came over to stay with her while M. and I ran some errands.  Among other things, we went to the grocery store, and to get gas.  M. kicked in $10 towards gas, so I got $20 worth.  I've driven him around a fair amount in the last month.  I was pleased by how much we got done.

Back at the house, M. started cooking dinner, and I did some editing.  With M. and the television keeping R. distracted, I got a good amount of editing done.  M. talked to R. about her behavior, and what she needs to change.  I had vented a bit to him about some of R.'s more outrageous behavior lately.  It was good to get it out to someone who could understand it and do something about it.  It was also gratifying to hear him managing her.  This time it really wasn't much yelling, just getting her to get things done.

So despite the rain, I got out to do the errands I wanted to do, and got a decent amount of work done, as well.  Bent was the free e-book from ARe today, and I saved it to my USB drive.

Added later: Well, R. managed to set the trailing end of the paper towel roll on fire while I was making tea, but I put the burning paper towels in the sink and ran water on them to put them out.  She said she hadn't meant to do it.  I said, "No more fires tonight."

The tea was Indian Nights decaf black vanilla, which was okay.  I liked both the Moroccan Mint and Jasmine Green very much so far out of the assortment.  I usually like vanilla flavoring, but I guess I'm not much for vanilla tea.

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