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Wednesday real life

In which I don't have much in the way of plans here.  I just need to finish reading over the last few chapters of GhosTV, as Vic gets closer to solving the mystery -- and I love that part -- and the bit at (*spoiler*?) Sticks and Stones, which I also love.

We started the dishwasher and I took the nearly dead and dropping-leaves-all-over miniature roses off my windowsill to take home, spray with insecticide and put outside the back door.  They have spider mite so badly that you can see thick webs.  I haven't mentioned that to R.  I have the feeling the words "spider mite" might freak her out.  I cleaned my windowsill and swept the floor again.

About the only other housekeeping thing I want to do here today is take out the trash.  I'll leave for the suburbs after rush hour, so I can get to my appointment tomorrow afternoon.  I got an e-mail from UPS that they're delivering my shipment from the Antique Rose Emporium around the 14th.  That's at least a dozen rose bushes.  Heirloom Roses is also supposed to deliver my order in mid-April, so I'll have a couple dozen rose bushes.  They'll say "Happy birthday from Aunt A."  That will be bittersweet.  I used a fraction of the "early Christmas gift" she sent in October to order roses.  I told her that I'd gotten a few roses, though the vast majority of what she gave me went to pay off my credit card debt.  She thought it was wonderful that I was paying off all my debts.  Well, she knew what I did with her gift, and it felt good to be able to tell her.  She passed away on January 2nd.

I feel good that spring is getting here, even though we're supposed to have a ton of rain this weekend.  At least some of the flowers are blooming.

Added: R. invited J. over in the afternoon, and I went to my room to read over GhosTV.  They watched Oprah, and I asked R. to turn the volume down a few notches.  Poor J., he's so hard of hearing he probably couldn't hear it at all if she did turn it down a little.  However, I needed to concentrate.  I finished my readthrough.

I headed back to the suburbs, and that turned out to be very harrowing.  A relatively quietish road through the Main Line was blocked off, and there was a big arrow directing cars where to turn.  There were no other detour signs whatsoever, so I ended up on all kinds of random little winding roads that had 25 mph speed limits, with no idea how to get where I was going.  I went through Gladwyn, knowing that was nowhere near where I wanted to go.

I stopped at a gas station as soon as I saw one, to ask for directions.  The proprietor told me I was in Conshohocken.  It was good to know where I'd actually ended up.  He said that the quickest way to get to the suburbs I wanted was to go on Route 76, the Schuylkill Expressway, for a few exits, then turn onto a highway I knew.  I went along another winding, 25 mph road for a few miles, until it had huge signs for 76 and 276.  I managed not to end up in New Jersey.  Actually, I would have known how to get home from New Jersey if I'd gone that direction, since we go over that bridge all the time.  We'd go that way every couple of weeks in the summer when Nana A., Mom's mother, was alive and living at the shore.

Finally, I got to what was until a month ago my home.  I had leftover beef stew -- another delivery from the ladies from church -- then ended up doing Mom's laundry.  I don't even know how that happened.  Mom's slick that way.  Between R.'s laundry and Mom's laundry, I might as well have rented a laundry room to live in.

Dad worked on my computer for a while in the evening, after he finished working on taxes.  I'm not sure if he got results, but I'm on one of the other three in the house.  This one has Word and the Internet, so I can surf the Web and do editing. 

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