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real life Tuesday

Well, I don't know how "real life" Victor Bayne's world is, but I'm reading through that galley proof.  Aside from that, we "rescued" R.'s laundry.  The laundry room is only open until 10 p.m., and we got back close to midnight.  They were buffing the floors in that hall today, so we had to wait another hour after we first ventured down, for them to finish buffing.  We did the dishes and I made coffee twice, because R's half and half had little particles in it.  My light cream was fine, so she used that with the second cup.  I'm using the little coffeemaker I got, because it's not like we're drinking more than a cup each.  I cleaned the tub to encourage R. to take a bath.  No dice so far.  I mopped the bathroom floor while I was at it.

Of course, the first thing I did when I woke up was go to the various publisher websites, and download books I'd gotten onto a USB drive.  At least I have a copy of With Abandon now.  I would have hated to lose that.  I downloaded other books in PDF form from Samhain.  I have most of the ones I haven't read yet on the e-reader.

I did the same at Loose Id, and from October on from Torquere.  I'm not sure when they started having more than three days of download time.  It may have been when they started offering books in a zip folder, so you have your choice of format.  Mostly I get Syd McGinley's books from there at this point, as various other authors I was following have gone to other publishers.  I have The Complete Dr. Fell: Lost and The Complete Dr. Fell: Found in paperback, so I have hard copies of all those stories.

I checked my bookshelves at Amber Quill Press and Fictionwise, and should be able to download again from those sites, too.  I had had enough downloading at that point, but it made me feel better to see my books there.

I have pictures from the Gays of Our Lives event on one of my USB drives, and some cookies from Kris and A. from New York City on there, too.  Of course, A. sent all Chrolli cookies, as I'd requested.  If I lose my pictures from the computer, I'm sure he'd resend them if I asked nicely.

Perhaps I should put my e-books in an online cloud.  Teddypig has given very specific directions a couple of times on The Naughty Bits about how to put your books into iTunes and sort them all out.  I loaded iTunes and the FTP for the Changeling server onto Dad's computer on Thursday.

Well, I'll report later on whether we get anything else done.  I'll probably get through my readthrough of GhosTV sometime tonight.

Added: Operation "Get Roommate in the Tub" was a success.  I'm very happy about that.  We got two more loads of laundry done, too.  We did everything on the "to-do" list except for my "clean the stovetop" note.  I have plenty of time to get to that if I feel ambitious later.

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