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good birthday so far

S.M. called at 8:30 or 9:00 a.m., and I told her I'd come to [local independent garden center] for lunch.  When I got there at noon, the garden club officers were just saying, "We're finished.  Time for lunch."

S.M. said, "Here's the birthday girl."  I was trying to sneak in, but so much for that.

We had our lunch, and then S.M. brought out a party tablecloth with a balloon and confetti print, and a birthday cake.  I said, "Oh, that's so sweet!"  I was really touched.  I took pictures of the cake before they cut it.  It had white icing with pink roses on it.  It was a carrot cake.  I don't know if S.M. remembered I like carrot cake, or if it was just something she thought would be a hit.  Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me.  It was very nice.

Our program for the afternoon was to make container gardens.  I had brought along a gray rectangular windowbox sort of pot, fresh from outside, and a square blue-and-white pot from Ten Thousand Villages that had been in the family room.  A rose geranium had just died in that pot a couple of weeks ago.  I figured I would put fresh dirt in it.  When I tried to loosen up the soil that was in there, it was very tightly packed.  Though it was dry on top, it was still pretty moist down by the bottom.  There were several small earthworms in there, too.

"That's very heavy soil," the container garden specialist, M.L., said, as she saw me dumping it into the gray container.  "Let's lighten that up."  She mixed in the light potting soil she'd brought for us to use.  I kept the earthworms, though.  They're good for the soil.  I think some ended up in the gray pot and some in the blue-and-white one.  Then it was time to look for plants to put in the containers.  I had lots of fun with that.

I went to the herb section, and got rosemary, lemon thyme, dill, cilantro and basil.  In the flower section, I got three pots of stock.  Each little pot had three or four plants with different-colored flowers in it.  It was the vintage mix.  I picked the ones that had the best scents.  I got a couple pots of the purple oxalis that has little pink flowers.  I figured that would bring out the color of the lavender- and pink-flowered stocks.

I planted the rosemary and lemon thyme in the gray container, then the basil in the blue-and-white container.  At that point the pots were full.  M.L. took some of the garden club ladies off to make terrariums.  Those who wanted terrariums had brought their own glass containers.  Some of the other ladies called it a day.  I went off in search of more containers.  I went out to the pottery section, and got a good-sized pot with pale gray glaze.  I put the pale purple stock and purple oxalis in that pot.  I got a couple of terra cotta pots.  I put most of the rest of the stock in one.  I put the dill and cilantro in the other pot, then one last white-flowered stock in the middle of that pot.

I somehow fit it all on the garden cart I'd brought with me, and wheeled over to where M.L. was helping the ladies with their terrariums.  She praised me for my patience, but I didn't really mind waiting while she helped them.  I was curious to see how the terrariums were turning out.  Once all the ladies had their terrariums done, M.L. came over to my cart and wrote out my slips.

We'd gotten a 25% off coupon, so when I got to the register, I used that for the big gray pot.  I actually ended up spending what I normally do on a trip there.  Of course, sometimes I'm getting shrubs, and sometimes a couple of roses at a time.  This time it was herbs and some smallish pots of annuals, and three containers.

An employee helped me put it all in the car, then Dad helped me take them out of the car when I got to the house.  Mom likes dill and basil.  I'm the only one who likes cilantro.  Mom likes purple oxalis.  I like rosemary, stock and thyme.  I think all the pots ended up having at least something scented in them.  I always look forward to having my pots of herbs in the summer.  Now I'm a bit ahead.

Added: S. called me to see if I was going to tomorrow's drag show.  He was going early to help get things ready, and I said I would, too.  I said it was my birthday, and that we should have a birthday lunch or dinner sometime this weekend.  I suggested the Chinese food buffet I take lots of people to.  H. has been there with me a few times.  S. hasn't yet, but I'm sure he'd get his money's worth.

As I got home, one of the ladies from church was bringing dinner to Mom and Dad.  It was a cottage pie.  The lady, S.H., is British.  I'm not sure exactly how cottage pie differs from shepherd's pie, but it was good.  Mom and Dad had gotten a little cake for me.  This one had strawberries on top.  I was touched by that, too.  They insisted on singing "Happy Birthday" to me.

Some online friends wished me a happy birthday, too.  Thank you, folks.  I commented back and forth with various people on AfterElton, so I got real life and online socialization today. 

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