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real life Tuesday

During which I got a fair amount done by my standards.  Slept pretty well last night, despite having coffee at nine p.m.  There's just no accounting for my sleep cycle or lack thereof.  I woke to the sound of pouring rain.  It makes quite the drumming sound when it bounces off the air conditioning unit.  I drifted off again for a bit, then got up before noon.  I made French vanilla coffee, and had R. drink a mug of it.

I wasn't feeling terribly ambitious about going out in the rain, but I figured I'd better not stay cooped up in the apartment all day.  Of course, when I said I was going out, R. wanted to go with me.  She'd said she didn't want to go anywhere, but when it's shopping, she's eager enough to go out.  Perhaps it's not wanting to be alone.

Of course it takes her quite a while to get ready, so there was an hour gone.  Nonetheless, we set out by two-something.  I put the rent check into a post office mailbox, which was probably the most important thing I did today.  I wanted to go to Suburban Square and look for the Crabtree & Evelyn shop.  R. apparently knew fairly well how to get to Suburban Square, having lived not terribly far from there growing up.  Her directions were not bad, and we got there, but R. said that a luggage store was now where the Crabtree & Evelyn store had been.  I was bummed out, but thought that perhaps it was better that I didn't have the opportunity to spend lots of money there.

Instead, I spent lots of money filling up my gas tank and then lots of money on groceries.  I got a fair number of TV dinners, which were on sale, and ground beef and stew meat.  I got a couple of impulse purchases, like sparkling grape juice, but most of the items were things that were actually on the grocery list.  We got burritos for dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant.  I was getting rather cranky by the time we were done grocery shopping.

I was happy enough that we found a grocery cart outside the apartment building we could put our groceries in.  I told R. to take the groceries up to the apartment while I went to park, but she said she'd wait for me in the lobby.  I don't see why she couldn't have gone up to the apartment.  I found parking nearby, though.

We proceeded up to the apartment, and I put the groceries that needed to be frozen or refrigerated away.  I told R. to take the grocery cart down and put it back outside the service entrance.  I'd worn my winter boots, and my ankle was really aching by then, so I continued to be pretty cranky.  R. puttered around doing random things for a while.  After I told her to take the cart down several times, she finally did.  I started on my burrito.  R. came back, and eventually started eating her burrito, too.

I finished my dinner, and called Mom and Dad.  Mom was in the continuous passive motion machine.  I said I'd be there Thursday for garden club, and maybe we could have a birthday dinner.  Mom said she didn't think she could sit at a restaurant for an hour and a half or so yet.  "Maybe we could get Chinese food," I said.  "The drag show is Friday night, so I'll probably just drive back to the apartment Saturday."

"You're always welcome here," Mom said.

"J. said he might try to come up for my birthday weekend," I told Mom.  "I think it depended how much his homework was under control."

"I'm always happy to see him," Mom said.

"I know you are."

"I'm happy to see you, too."  Personally, I think it's rather like I've never been gone, but I do spend the occasional day at the apartment.  Now that Mom needs some nursing aide care, she probably does rather miss having me there.  Dad's been there to help her with her showers, so at least she's getting bathed.

Security came up when I was on the phone with Mom.  I asked R. what it had been, and she said it was M. telling her that she was supposed to take the cart outside.  She'd left it inside by the laundry room.  I must have told her to take it outside at least ten times.  I figure that it's just another thing I'll need to do myself, or supervise her doing.  Mom said it was something R. should have been able to do by herself.  You would think so, but apparently not.

When I got off the phone with Mom, R. said she was really jittery.  I wondered if it was the coffee.  I told her that taking a nice bath would probably help her relax.  She puttered around doing random things again.  I apologized for snapping somewhat at her a couple of times.  She accepted my apology.  She did a few more random things and washed her hands a lot, then went to lie down.  I went to my room and got online.  R. had a couple of weeping fits at various places along the line.  I told her to take deep breaths.

I saw rather belatedly that ARe was having their Earth Day free book month.  I'd missed the first few.  Today's turned out to be a G.A. Hauser book, and a "Gay for You" one.  I posted about it on the AfterElton m/m romance thread, along with a rant about Gay for You books.  Not that it was particular to G.A., but I hadn't done that rant in a couple of weeks.

I ended up doing some shopping on ARe.  It's rather annoying that you can only get one format file per book, but Loose Id is the same way.  I think I got a Loose Id book from ARe.  I'm pretty sure it was the same price it would have been on the Loose Id site.  I got a couple of Stephani Hecht books, since some of my online buddies like her books.  One was about hockey players, and I enjoy stories about hockey players.

The thing about ARe and Fictionwise is that they carry books published by publishers I don't check out too often, so I see authors I've heard of who haven't published with some of the bigger publishers.  Also, publishers like Dreamspinner have a website that's so hard to search, I see a lot more Dreamspinner books on ARe than I'd ever be able to find on the Dreamspinner site itself.  It's kind of the same way for Liquid Silver.  Mostly with Liquid Silver books, I go by recommendations anyway.

I got some free short stories from ARe, too, as they have some cute ones.  With the longer books, I looked to see if they had Teddypig reviews, as a couple sounded familiar.  I passed on the books that had gotten one-star ratings from the Piggy.  I also passed on books that had badly written blurbs and excerpts.  If you can't get the grammar right in the blurb and excerpt, that's a very bad sign.

So ARe having free books tempted me to do a little shopping there today.  It doesn't work every day, but it had been a while since I really looked around there.

I ended up spending much more money on useful things and bills than on frivolous things, though I probably could have cut back on some of the frivolous things.  I feel like I'm going grocery shopping all the time, but I felt like I got a decent amount done today.

Added: I mentioned Kris' choose your own m/m stories on AfterElton, and what the latest story had been.  I got an AfterElton reader to use the words "tentacle sex."  I think I win.

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