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real life lately

Well, my mood has mostly been better than not, but it's tiring to essentially run two households.  Mom might think that she's still in charge at the house, but she's too handicapped to really run the house her usual way.  I'm definitely the one running the household at the apartment, no question.  I don't even know what R. did before.  I know the apartment was terribly dusty and dirty, and that the laundry was piled high.  I'm not sure how she functioned -- or didn't.

R.'s probably going to be crying a lot from Wednesday night until sometime Saturday or so.  My birthday's the same day as garden club, and we're meeting at [large independent garden center] to make a container garden.  I have to remember to bring a container.  Friday night is the drag show.  I don't really see why I should drive back to Philadelphia Thursday night only to drive to the suburbs again Friday.  Things should quiet down some after that, though.

Mom is progressing along nicely.  I need to get back to my own life and my work.  I need to make some friends around here, too.  Most of R.'s friends are her fellow mentally handicapped people who live in the apartment complex.  I'll have to see if there are get-togethers for other residents of the apartments.  Then again, the university students I sort-of mentor are happy enough to come to Philadelphia. 

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