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Saturday real life

Quieter day so far.  I was glad I drove back to the apartment last night, so I didn't have a long drive today.  I couldn't get to sleep, so around 3-something or 4-something I had Kahlua and cream.  It seemed to work to help me relax and get some sleep.  I slept past noon, but not deep into the afternoon.  M. had come over, and I could hear him yelling and R. whining.  He kept threatening to leave.  A bit after I got up, R. was saying she needed to lie down.  Apparently her meds are making her very sleepy, but she doesn't fight it, she just goes to bed.

M. said R. should drink some coffee, and asked her to come out with him to have a coffee.  She refused.  He left.  I took my shower.  He came back with a big cup of something from Starbucks.  I said I would have given him some money if I'd known he was going to Starbucks.

At some point when R. was out of bed, I had her scrub the toilet.  That was the one cleaning project I hadn't tackled yet.  So she cleaned it with supervision and some help from me.  Exhausted, she lay down again.  I used the Swiffer dry mop on my floor and the living room floor while I was still enough in cleaning mode.  The apartment is getting much cleaner, step by step.  It's getting to be a much more livable place.

M. is fixing chicken stroganoff.  It smells really good.  I said we could go on a shopping trip during the week, and I'd pay for some ground beef and stewing meat.  He'd been getting ground turkey to make meatloaf, because it was cheaper, but I like ground beef meatloaf much better.

Will report later if anything exciting happens.  At this point, a good dinner is about as much excitement as I want.

Added: I looked among my flowering teas for black tea.  Most of the ones I brought were white teas, but I found a little box of Golden Jasmine, and gave R. a mug of that.  She said that it helped her feel more awake.  I said we'd have to have her regularly drink tea or coffee when she takes her morning and noon meds.

Added further: So I went shopping online, and got tea, and ordered a bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee.  I know many people swear by it, and I didn't think it seemed too expensive.  R. has a coffeemaker, and of course no idea how to use it.  It should be interesting to try to figure it out.  I broke down and got the chocolate Puerh tea.  Numi had included a teabag of it in with my last shipment from them.  I noted at the time that it was very good.  Amazon had a good sale on it, so I didn't spend all that much by my Amazon-spending standards.  I got a glass teapot with a strainer from Numi, accompanied by a widely assorted sampler of their loose teas, and will experiment a good deal with that, I'm sure.  I got an "urban teapot," too.  No, I have no idea why it's "urban."

I went shopping at Amber Allure and Loose Id while I was at it.  I looked at Liquid Silver, but their website is so hard to find anything on.  I really only find things there if I get a direct recommendation from someone, and I know they have some quite good authors.

It's no surprise that I got a few more e-books.  We'll see what happens with the coffee.  I'm not sure I needed more glass teapots, but they make good gifts, too.  One might be a birthday present for me, and perhaps one will be a present for someone else.  Of course, I'm probably trying to rationalize irrational spending.  I'm better than I was, but still have these little bursts of irrationality here and there.  I paid my bills first before I went online shopping.  I guess that makes it better.


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