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Friday real life

I didn't sleep last night, so slept well into the afternoon.  I didn't see the snow threatened for the morning, although I believe my roommate said it was snowing.  It didn't stick.  Since it just looked like light rain by the time I got up and got going, I decided to go the the GLBT alumni group get-together.  I set out from Philadelphia around 4.  I got to borough by 5.  The happy hour was further down a sort-of-limited-access highway, and the traffic was getting pretty ugly by 5, as it does.  I thought I'd gone too far and missed it, since I was nearly to Delaware, and was about to turn around.  Then I saw the sign for the shopping center the bar and grill was in.  I think I got there around 5:20 or so.

There were about fifteen or sixteen people altogether.  The president of the group, T., was telling all sorts of interesting anecdotes about his time there in the 1970s.  The mentor of the student organization was there, and I asked her if my secret love child was coming.  "Who's your secret love child?" she asked.  Apparently she wasn't in that loop.

"S.," I said.  One of the alums has the same name, so she laughed.  "Oh, not S.P.," I said.  "S.W.  He's my secret love child."

"He's going to be president of the organization next year," J. said.

"He'd said he thought he would be."  I didn't go to the nomination meeting.  There would have been no point to me being there.  I saw S. afterwards, though, and I should have asked him about it.  He didn't bring it up, though.  I think he'll make a good president.  He knows how to act mature when it's appropriate to.  S. said he wanted the officers of the group to act more professional.  I think it's going to be like herding cats, but it generally is.

I talked to C.K. (the female one), who'd been there some of the same years I had been, and her partner K.(?).  C. seems to have mellowed over the years, and she and K. were quite charming.  I didn't get much chance to speak to S.P. and his partner G.  They were on the other side of T. and his partner.  I have about four e-mail addresses for S.P., though, so I really should catch up with him that way.

There were some awesome appetizers we shared.  The cheese, bread and jam platter was really good.  The different kinds of hummus were excellent, too.  I think I'd only had a whoopie pie for brunch before I fell back to sleep, so I was pretty hungry.  I ordered a curried chicken salad and the ginger pork entree.  They were both good.  The alumni association was picking up the tab for appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks.  I had a Shirley Temple, then switched to water.

I ordered a pot de creme sometime after my dinner.  I didn't know what it was, so I asked around.  T. said it was something like a flan, and I like flan.  After some time, it hadn't gotten there, so I asked the waiter about it.  He brought it pretty quickly thereafter.  To me, it seemed like chocolate mousse, only more dense and more of a dark chocolate flavor.  I barely refrained from moaning in pleasure after my first bite.  It was a good meal for me, and it was good company.

T. and his partner had lived in Cape May last I'd heard, but are now apparently in York, PA.  He was talking about some of the bars in Harrisburg, and how Harrisburg has a rather active gay scene.  Who knew?  I wished I'd had his expertise about Harrisburg gay bars to draw on when I was editing "Sympathy."  I was much relieved to hear that there are gay bars there.  T. said that one was called "The Stallion."  I'll pick his brain next time I get a story set in Harrisburg.

Even though there weren't many alums there, it did seem like a pretty dedicated core group, and included some very nice and entertaining people.  Some are much inspired about the alumni group, and have big plans.  Around 8 or so, we paid our tabs and called it a night.

I called my secret love child to see if he wanted a ride to Philadelphia, but it was very noisy in the bar and grill by then, and very noisy where S. was.  I called him back once I got to my car.  It was still noisy on his end.  "Are you already in Philadelphia?" I asked.

"I'm at Woody's," he shouted over the noise.  That's a Philadelphia gay bar, one my college friends and I went to a lot.  "I've had a bit too much to drink, but don't tell anyone."  Silly boy.  It all goes in my LJ, though it's not like I use his name.

"Be safe," I said.

"I always am," he assured me.  I'm sure the love child will be somewhere getting nailed tonight.  I tell him I don't need the details, that it would be like hearing details from a son, but he seems to have a very busy sex life.  Back when, he described himself to me as a "nerdy whore."  When I first met him, I thought he was so sweet and innocent.  It turned out that three of the students I knew the best, H., who I was working with; S.H.; and S. himself were among the least innocent of the students.  H. worked in a sex shop and was pretty kinky -- that was before she came out as bisexual and polyamorous.  S.H. got around, I was told.  I had no reason to doubt it.  S. started telling me his stories, and I came to realize how much he hooked up.

Hook-ups are certainly part of gay culture.  I think for every gay man saying romance and monogamy is the way to go, there are several who enjoy hook-ups.  I've discussed it with S. a few times, and he knows I don't judge.  I'm sure his real mother would be appalled, but I see it as a part of gay male culture that he's partaking in.  He tells me he's safe, and that's my thing, whether the participants are being safe.  So I just listen to the stories S. tells me.  Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I shake my head and then laugh.

Once I learned that S. was already in Philadelphia at a gay bar, I decided to stop by my parents' house, as I was going north anyway.  Mom was on the couch with the continuous passive motion machine flexing and straightening her leg.  The nurse had visited today, and said that since Mom seemed to be doing okay with the bandages off, she could leave them off.  Mom had me look at her surgical scar.  It's pretty dramatic-looking, with all the staples.

I wasn't sure about how long I'd stay, but I figured I'd go back to Philadelphia that night, since the happy hour had been only two to three hours.  I got money for the pizza I paid for last time I was there, and for Mom's part of the cell phone bill, and a couple of other things from the house.  I decided to take a bottle of Chenin Blanc with me.  I hadn't had anything to drink at the happy hour, since I was driving, but that doesn't mean I can't have a glass of wine at the apartment on occasion.

Mom asked me to wash some of her pairs of hospital socks.  She'd lost three pairs, and the pairs she knew the locations of were dirty.  I washed them in the sink with Woolite, as those were those dye-saturated dark green socks.  I found a pair of slipper socks in her suitcase, and put them on her, then found another two pairs in a laundry basket of clean laundry.  At least she has enough hospital socks to wear now.

I asked her if she'd like me to go with her to the doctor's when she gets her staples out.  Her appointment is Monday at 2.  S. is doing his GLBT history presentation at 4:30, and I think he wants me to come.  She seemed to like the idea of me going with her well enough.  I said I'd drive down sometime Sunday.

It turned out to be something of a busy evening, but in a nice way.  It was good to see the alums.  I'm putting the tag "gay-related" on this, too, because I think I was the only B there among the Gs and Ls.  Those who hadn't known me in college assumed I was a lesbian, and I didn't see a need to say anything otherwise.  Perhaps I should create a "lesbian" tag, too, though.  I'll have to think on tags.  "Gay-related" makes certain key entries easy to find.  I put GLBT if it's a mix.  The GLBT organization meetings have been pretty mixed this year, whereas before it seemed I would mostly see the young gay men and their woman allies, with the occasional lesbian showing up.  I guess I was more seeing the people in the office during the time I was working with H., and this time I've been attending a fair amount of meetings.

I think I will go ahead and make a lesbian tag.  The lesbians I knew in college have mellowed out a lot, and the current university student lesbians are pretty cool with me.  I'll think of it as a shout-out to S.H.

Tags: family, gay-related, glbt, lesbian, medical

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