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Saturday day

(Edited to add: I forgot to say that I visited my mother for a few minutes before going to pick up S.)

Trip to Giovanni's Room with S.  I took pictures of books by authors I know on the shelves there, before I bought several of the books.  Well, I had S. take the pictures, since my photos always come out blurry.  There were several books by James on the shelves.  We took pictures, then I got All or Nothing.  Yes, I have the e-book.  I got Cheating Chance and Inland Empire in print before, and I wanted the whole series.

Charlie Cochrane's "Lessons in..."/Cambridge Fellows Mysteries were there, and I got books four, five and six in the series after we took the photo.  If I don't have Charlie's e-mail, Lee or Alex will certainly have it.  Speaking of Alex, I got The Mysterious.  I've already read Josh's "The Dark Farewell," and I'm pretty sure I got Alex's "The Wages of Sin" from Fictionwise when they were having a sale.  Still, it will be good to have them in print.  We got pictures of Josh's books, too.  They had all of the Adrien English mysteries and the Partners in Crime books there.  I showed S. I'll Be Dead for Christmas and The Art of Dying.  I have books one and three, also.  "Snowball in Hell" is still my favorite of Josh's stories in the series, and possibly my favorite book of his ever, though The Hell You Say and The Dark Tide are up there, too.  I've told Jordan many times how much I loved "Body Art."

AfterElton's been having quite the controversy after saying that Apple should have kept an Exodus International app in the store after 150,000 people signed a petition against it.  (  I'd read the book Straight to Jesus and another couple on "ex-gay" movements.  (Edited to add: I looked on Amazon, and I think I read Be Not Deceived.)  I got an autographed copy of Ex-Gay No Way: Survival and Recovery from Religious Abuse, which sounded very topical.  I also got Deflowered: My Life in Pansy Division.  Jon Ginoli had been at Giovanni's Room for a reading and book signing when the book came out, but I hadn't listened to any of Pansy Division's music yet then.

We had taken the train to Market East, then I got a cab to take us to Giovanni's Room.  I knew it wasn't that many blocks, but they're long blocks.  Giovanni's Room is on 12th and Pine.  The taxi seemed to take us in a big circle, from what I could tell, but we got there eventually.  It seemed as though the driver really wasn't familiar with the gayborhood, and I'm not just being charitable in saying so.  I wouldn't be charitable about that.

I was peeved that we couldn't get to half of the non-fiction section because there was a reading.  Several authors were doing readings.  When I looked at the schedule of events downstairs, it listed Victoria Brownworth among the people there, as she had edited the book.  I told S. about the Lambda Literary post she wrote, and that I was tempted to go back upstairs and talk to her.  Then I said I'd probably chicken out anyway, and we took off.  Going back, as it had been a while since I'd been there, we went a little ways down Pine, then circled around and went on Pine to 11th Street, and started the walk back.  We hadn't gone far when my ankle got really bad -- very sore.  S. was carrying the bag with all the books, too.

About three cabs went by on 11th St., and I cursed myself for not hailing one.  I told S. to hail the next one we saw.  We were both spacing out, however, and missed the next taxi to go by.  I kept closer watch for one after that, and we got the next cab to go down 11th St.  I said, "I know it's just a few blocks to Market East, but I have a bad leg."  It was a straight shot down 11th St., and this driver knew how to get to Market East.  I suppose they all know how to get there.

Once S. had gotten me to the train station, we saw that the train I needed would arrive in a bit less than an hour.  I told him he could walk right back up 11th St. to get back to the gayborhood, and that he could leave me if he wanted to, that I had plenty to read.  He took off gladly enough to start his night.

Well, I got my share of books, and I'm sure S. will tell me about his adventures.  I still want him to take me to the Bike Stop and introduce me as his mother.  When we were in the part of non-fiction we could get to, the other room that wasn't taken up, I asked S. if he'd ever been to Giovanni's Room before.  He said no.  Another man was in that section, and I said, "I'm his mother," indicating S.  Then I said, "Just kidding."  S. seemed to be having a good time reading various things in non-fiction.  When he wasn't taking pictures of the gay romances in men's fiction, he amused himself looking at some of the magazines.  He seemed more into the non-fiction, though.  He's different that way.

Edited to add: At midnight, S. sent me a text message saying that he was going home with someone who lived in Delaware County.  I asked if he'd be able to get home the next morning, or if he wanted me to get him at the train station sometime Sunday.  Once I'd done my maternal duty that way, I said "Have fun!"

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