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Wednesday day

I didn't end up sleeping last night, so I slept today.  I think I finally fell asleep around dawn.  Dad woke me around 10:30 a.m. to tell me that the refrigerator was broken, and that he was heading to the hospital to visit with Mom.  I fell back to sleep for several more hours.  Mom eventually called to see if I was visiting today.  I got to the hospital around 4:30 p.m.

Mom isn't doing anything exciting.  She said she'd had physical therapy in the room in the morning, then went to the gym in the afternoon for physical therapy.  I missed it all, so Dad's now Mom's official health coach.  She's supposed to be doing physical therapy exercises before dinner.  We shall see.

Will post later if anything exciting happens.

Added later: I'd brought the laptop, so I had something to do while I was there at the hospital.  I downloaded With Abandon onto my USB drive and started reading that.  I'd pre-ordered it a couple of months ago.  The surgeon stopped by to see how Mom was doing.  I helped Mom to the bathroom.  She's able to get that far on the walker.  She was just touching her toe down instead of putting her foot down, but her nursing aide and nurse later said that she was allowed to put as much weight on that foot as she could tolerate.

She and Dad had dinner in her room while I went to the cafeteria for dinner.  The food really isn't bad.  I had macaroni and cheese, stewed tomatoes and cabbage.  I had a fruit cup and pudding for dessert.  Mom and Dad had had pot roast.  Mom didn't have much appetite.  She thinks that the painkillers are making her nauseated.  She took something for that.

I didn't see Mom do any more exercises, but Dad had brought several of her romance novels for her, so she had plenty to read.  She was up in a chair for most of the day, apparently.  At least she was when I was there.  It was a recliner, so she had her leg up with a pillow under it and ice packs around her knee.  She wasn't comfortable as far as the knee pain went, but all the medical staff told her she'd feel better tomorrow.

Dad and I took off at 7:30.  I asked Mom if she wanted me to stay later, and she looked like she wouldn't have minded if I did, but she said I could go.  It was a cold rain outside, and snow is still being threatened for tonight, so I was glad to get back to the house.  I took up with reading With Abandon again when I got home, and finished it around 10:30.  (*Vaguely spoilery*)  Matt was adorable, and Aubrey was a jerk.  Aubrey eventually kind of redeemed himself.  I'll get the paperback when it comes out next year, so you know I liked it that much.

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