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Much later Tuesday

I had commandeered Dad's computer, only to find out that he doesn't have Word.  I couldn't believe it.  He just has Open Office on there.  I tried to watch another episode of AWZ, but the color on the computer had changed, and the people had green faces and purple lips.  It was too disconcerting.  Dad said that the computer downstairs had Word and a normal-colored screen.  What it didn't have was sound.  I don't know where it was muted, because I tried the control panel and the buttons on the speakers themselves, but nothing.  Of course it's useless watching a non-subtitled show without any volume.  It's hard enough for me to figure out what the characters are saying when I can hear them.

I went back upstairs and tried to recalibrate the color, but it wouldn't take.  It was all rather frustrating.  Dad had conked out by ten, so I couldn't ask him about the volume control on the downstairs computer.  Finally, I went downstairs again to get the laptop, which remains at normal colors when I've used it.  That was when I heard my phone ringing.  I'd plugged it in in the upstairs bathroom.  I raced upstairs.  It was A. from Wisconsin.  I was surprised, but happy enough to hear from him.  I went back for the laptop, and brought it upstairs.  A. told me about his harrowing ride home from work in "thundersnow."  That's when you have thunder, lightning and snow.  The snow was blowing sideways, he said.  It sounded like a very bad drive.

It was ten-thirty A.'s time when he called.  Of course I was still awake, and planning to watch another episode or two of AWZ before going to sleep.  I don't know how, but A. and I ended up talking for two hours, on all different topics.  Well, he's a ham radio operator, so he's used to having various conversations with people.  We talked about the current hot topics on AfterElton, the bisexuality presentation I'd seen Monday evening, about transgender and genderqueer people and their issues, coming out late, and all kinds of other things.

People assume A.'s straight, too, he says.  We talked about the kinds of conversations you hear when you "fly under the radar," as he put it.  Coming out is a pretty constant process when everyone assumes you're straight.  It doesn't ever really seem to stop.  You have to decide what to say every time.  I'm sure my life has been a lot easier that way as a queer person than that of many people, but sometimes I feel invisible.

So A. and I had a good talk, about our histories and current things going on.  We're both fairly middle of the road on some of the issues.  We thought some of that might be that neither of us are twenty anymore.  A. and I both enjoy mentoring younger people.  I don't know how useful the advice I can give to the college students is, but at least I'm a good listener.  I've run into enough of a "Why bother to talk to a woman" attitude from men that I'm still slightly puzzled that A.'s calling me, but I'm glad he is.  I think I'm really underestimating some of my online male buddies that way.

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