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spring trip to Longwood Gardens -- finally

I hadn't gotten to Longwood Gardens since winter -- it's been raining a lot here lately on the days I could have gotten there.  But today I made a brief stop there (Mom wasn't feeling well) and looked at the wisteria and lilacs there.  The lilacs were going by, but the wisteria were gorgeous.  I was wearing my "Yoji and Aya at the flowershop" T-shirt.  I was hoping to get to Longwood wearing that T-shirt.  (It's image 745 on the Bishonen Works website, for the curious.)  There were lovely spires of foxglove in dark pink and white along the Flower Garden Walk, and  columbines all around the fountain in the middle of the walk.  I hope to get there again within the next week or so to see the azaleas and rhododendrons in the upper part of the Hillside Garden -- they're spectacular in season.    Father Hugo's rose may be blooming already -- that's an early one.  The tulips on the Flower Garden Walk had gone by, so the gardeners were taking them up.  I'll have to see what they put in next.  They had stock and heliotrope planted together in the purple-to-pink part of the walk.

I want to get to Swarthmore to see the roses there.  'Harison's Yellow' should be blooming very soon.  A few years ago when I got there, it had already gone by.  I wish I could remember how to get there -- I don't want to get lost in Delaware County, which I've done too often.  I want to get a picture of 'Paul Neyron' so I actually have the correct rose showing as my icon.

Yesterday: Garden Club picnic -- held inside, as it was raining off and on during the day.  The ladies brought May baskets to bring to a local nursing home.  Mine were little arrangements of alstroemeria (white with yellow throats), yellow mini carnations, and white liatris.  I showed some of the other members my postcard reminder of the Herb Society of America (Philadelphia chapter)'s herb sale.  They have scented geraniums and Old Garden Roses for sale, there, too.  I missed last year, but I'd gotten there many years in a row before that, and acquired quite a selection of non-so-common herbs and flowers -- I think that's where I got the elecampane and the orris.  I've gotten a number of Old Garden Roses there, including the Tea rose 'Duchesse de Brabant', which I loved.  And I've gotten quite a lot of scented geraniums over the years -- various rose-scented ones, nutmeg, lemon, apple, lemon-rose, cinnamon, ginger...

May plant some herbs and fragrant plants this afternoon, maybe some of those caladiums and Oriental lily bulbs.  I have places for the heliotrope I got the other day.  Edited to add: I had a fairly productive couple of hours, planting the rosemary, white and purple heliotrope, some of the oxalis (finally), and one of the pineapple mints.  The oxalis is the one with green leaves and white flowers.  I had had the one with purple leaves and pink flowers for a couple of years.  The sage in the orange pot, which I thought had died, has a tiny shoot coming up from the base.  That was the pot I had the herbs from the song in -- parsley, rosemary, etc.  I thought it was mildly amusing.  I planted what I believe is a lemon balm seedling in the center of that pot.  The orris buds are showing color.  I wish that the lemon balm there wasn't so close to it.  I might transplant that lemon balm.  The sweet briar is fully leafed out -- although the largest one is too close to the house, I like being able to get the scent right outside the front door.  'Mme. Zoetmans' and 'Fantin-Latour' are starting to show buds.  'Ispahan' is huge.  There seems to be new growth coming up from the base of the autumn damask and 'Leda'.  Tiger lilies are coming up where I planted them in the side yard, although some seem to have already been eaten.  The American cranberrybush viburnum is starting to bloom.  It must be twelve feet tall.  The plants that succeed here seem to succeed on a notable basis.  Speaking of, what I think are leaves of mistflower are coming up by the white table in the backyard.  I've had both kinds of mistflower, the blue-flowered and the white-flowered.  There's some bee balm coming up in the herb garden.  The sweet shrub (Carolina allspice) is in full bloom.  The lady fern has spread beyond the confines of the larger shade garden to have several clumps under the trees there. 
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