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real life Tuesday

Well, there was some craziness with my new roommate, as PMS seems to make her that much more wacky.  Her social worker stopped by briefly to set her meds up in a weekly pill organizer.  Her boyfriend's here for the day, and he's kind of keeping her under control, but she's been having bouts of weeping all day, except when M. and I got her to take an Ativan.

I asked about how to use a "Swiffer," as I'd never heard of it.  It's a wet and dry mop.  C., the social worker, said that R. knew how to do it.  R. showed me how to put the dry mop cloth on, and I did my room and the living room.  I used separate cloths for each one, as doing one room got the cloth filthy.  I put another cloth on it, and told R. to do her room.  She may have done only a token amount, but it was enough to turn the cloth gray, and she picked up quite a lot of hair with it, too.

I put the wet cloth on and did the kitchen and bathroom floors.  I picked up the disgusting bathroom rug, which is supposed to be pink but is mostly matted gray, and put it in a kitchen trash bag.  I told R. to take the rug out and shake it, then put it in a washing machine.  The kitchen and bathroom floors each needed new wet cloths.  I used two for the bathroom floor.  The second one was only kind of gray.

I cleaned the sink and counter in the bathroom, and the sink and counters in the kitchen.  M. was impressed by how hard I was working, and told R. she should have done some of that.  R. was lying down because the Ativan had made her sleepy.  Sadly, once it wore off, she got weepy again.

Update: I went with R. to supervise her shaking out that nasty bathroom rug and putting it in the washer.  I told her I knew she'd been having a bad day, but that I was proud of her for getting that done.  Further update: It's actually pink again.  I never expected that.  The bathroom looks so much better.  Really, the whole apartment looks so much better.

I have a lot of editing to do tonight and for the next few days, to get caught up.  I don't have too many plans aside from working, except to get outside on nice days.

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