neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

real life Saturday

Busy again.  We went to Staples and I got a wireless router and a computer chair.  R. squeezed into what space was left in the back seat once the Staples employee had put the chair box there.  (There wasn't room for it in the trunk.)  We headed back to the apartment.  We found a grocery cart parked outside the service entrance and M. put the box in the cart.  We took it up in the service elevator.  I've seen a lot of the service elevator in the last couple of days.

We went back out to the grocery store and picked up various things, food, cleaning products, etc.  M. was fixing ribs, and Mom and Dad came up for dinner.  J. was there as well.  Dad tried to set up the Internet on my computer, but we didn't have a network password or anything.  He assembled the computer chair, with a little help from me.  Dad didn't get too far with the wireless router, but he did get me online.  I hope Ali, wherever he is in the building, doesn't mind sharing his Internet connection.
Tags: family, moving, shopping

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