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real life Tuesday

In which there was much organizing.  You can get to both of the windows in my room now, which was not the case before.  We got five or six bags of paper recycling, a couple of bags of trash, and several bags of books to be sold secondhand.  I saved a couple of bags of romances for Mom, for when she's had her knee replacement.  We made at least one more big bag of clothes to go to Goodwill.  K.G. took all the bags to go to Goodwill with her, clothes, books and assorted other things I wanted to give away, games and puzzles and such.

We put the bags of Buffy-related magazines and books to go to M. in my car.  Same for a bunch more books on GLBT topics to go to the university students.  The gay erotica can go directly to S.  There's another bag of general university things for the students.

There was a pancake supper at church, so I went to that.  I'm a little tired now, but I have a good bit of proofreading and editing to do tonight.  Some is printed out, or for me to proof off a PDF, so I can either look at a paper copy or use my e-reader.  I just get tired sitting up at the computer, especially when I've been on my bad leg a lot.

Added later: I'm stressing now about moving.  I have to remember that I only want to take what I can carry with me these first few trips.  My room just has so many bags of books and assorted possessions in it now.  Well, before they were all over the floor, so I suppose it's better that they're bagged up.  I made a tentative appointment to meet K.G. at the house next Friday.  She said we'd made progress.  It's at that middle stage where areas of the floor are cleared off, but there's still a lot of stuff.

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