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rainy Sunday -- real life

It's dark out already, at 4 p.m., and has been raining pretty hard on and off all day.  I didn't feel ambitious about going out, and I'm a little tired from my busy day yesterday.  I was getting quite depressed, and also quickly getting bored with my own company.  I lit a couple of beeswax candles, and they're brightening things up a bit.  I have a good amount of proofreading to do, so I'll work on some of that today.

I'll add on to this if I have any more news.

Added: I'm pretty caught up on e-mail, with some questions and comments from authors that I want to give fuller answers to.  I'm very curious to see a Kindle now, now that Jordan has one.  I'll have to ask around at my parents' church to see if any of the parishoners have one that they'd show me.  I don't think any of the university students I know has one.  The senior citizens at the secondhand book store are mostly of the "Nothing could replace the experience of reading a real book" mindset.

I'm doing more buddy list requests on AfterElton, and it's fun to hear from some of the other readers there.  I'm oddly shy about requesting to be buddies with the guys, but not at all shy about sending buddy requests to women.  I expect to get a prejudiced response when the men hear that I'm a woman, but so far that hasn't happened at all.  It seems that my opinion about how the guys would react to a buddy request from a  woman was off, at least for some of the men.  I think my expectations were too low in regards to that.

(Noting that I wasn't shy about asking A., since we've been pen pals for a year.)

Added further: I completed a big proofreading job, doing the second half of a novel.  I feel a sense of accomplishment.  I guess getting work done settled me down some.  I had the heating pad on my ankle, and the room has something of an odor of honey from the beeswax candles.

R. says he's proud of how good my German is getting.  I think I wrote back, "Thank you.  You're a good teacher."  Well, that was what I was attempting to write, anyway.

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