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Wednesday real life

K.G. called to cancel having an organizing day, as she was busy at her day job.  We discussed Friday as an alternative.  S.D. called to say she was working on my e-book cover, and will have it done by Friday.

I didn't do all that much productive yet today, but it's very early yet for me.  Obviously I had too much time on my hands, though, because I made a "WeeMee" as Trekboy has been urging AfterElton readers to do.  Here's the site for that:  Here's where you can see mine:  I think it looks just like me -- the little round face, the eyes, the red hair...

Mom and I went to a produce place so she could get produce and I could get flowers to make a fan-shaped arrangement for tomorrow.  I got fully double deep pink roses.  I doubt very much they're heirloom ones.  They're probably Romantica or Meilland ones.  Some of those don't have much scent.  I guess not all of David Austin's English roses do either.  I got pink stock and fern fronds.

More later on the arrangement, if I do it.

Later: Well, it was supposed to be fan-shaped or triangular, but it ended up being relatively straight up and down.  That kind of rose canes don't bend, also leading me to think that they were modern roses with an old rose look.  Another thing was the glossy leaves, suggesting China and Tea rose heritage.  The stock was pretty withered.  The purple stock was in better shape, but would have really clashed with the deep pink roses.

It was supposed to be a Colonial Elegance arrangement, and you were supposed to put the flowers in a brass, pewter, silver or porcelain vase.  I used a big glass vase, since I didn't happen to have any silver vases around.

So, tonight -- editing, watching the Glee DVDs, trying to catch up on Alles was zaehlt, flower arranging, more editing.  I think that covers it.

Later: I got the editing done on the first draft of the alternate history book, as the author was working on revising the draft from what I said in my analysis and commentary.  He'll incorporate the proofreading I did into the current draft.
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