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real life Tuesday

In which the highlight was kind of the "Das Beer Boot" commercial:  I sent the link to TeddyPig.  I told my Austrian pen pal R. that his mission was to find the Beer Boot guy and send him to America.  I said we'd know if R. had sampled him first.  I wasn't sure if "sampled" or "tried" would sound worse on a family-friendly site like AfterElton.  I'm used to being able to use much more explicit language online, considering what I read and the people I hang out with.

Added: Trekboy accepted his mission.  (See the comments.)

I heard from some of my "invisible, imaginary Internet friends" and sent several "buddy requests" on AfterElton.  R. created a monster.  Now I have buddies both male and female.  I did a shout-out to one on Jordan's Yahoo group.  Well, she is a big fan of Jordan's.

I got outside to get the mail and pick some snowdrops.  I put the snowdrops in a little ruby glass chalice sort of thing that I believe I got at the Episcopal General Convention when it was in Philadelphia.  I'm sure the cup was originally meant to have a religious use, but for me it ends up holding flowers.

Mom worked this evening, so Dad brought home hamburgers and onion rings.  I had French Vanilla Kahlua and cream for "dessert."  I don't recommend the combination of food and drink.

Dad wanted to go to the library, and I thought it would be good to get out of the house.  I got the DVD of "Cabaret," a big German-English dictionary, Christopher Isherwood's Berlin Stories, and a book on English grammar while I was in the languages section.  I also found Filled with Glee on the new book shelf, a companion to the TV show.  The woman at the circulation desk when I went to check out said that DVD rentals were two for a dollar on Tuesday nights, so I went back and got "My Fair Lady" for Mom.

My trip to the library turned into me getting quite the mash-up of all things German and gay, plus musicals.  Well, some of it is loosely related to the World War II era alternate history book I'm editing.  Unlike TeddyPig, I didn't even come close to hitting a new level of gay, nowhere near close for this LJ, let alone some of my real life adventures in gay bars and at Pride Fests and with friends.

I have a lot of AWZ to catch up on.  I was kind of waiting for part two of the last episode the DeRoAholics put up, but I think I just need to watch the full episodes I haven't seen yet.

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