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Sunday real life

Quiet so far, but it's very early yet for me.  I have a lot of editing projects to work on, and some e-mail to catch up with.  I'll probably watch another couple episodes of Glee, which does seem to be unnervingly addictive.  I haven't yet noticed the complete lack of continuity and development people complain about, but I've only watched the first five episodes or so.

Updated a couple of hours later: I went outside, and the snowdrops are blooming.  They seem to be mostly Galanthus elwesii, because they've got broad leaves.  There's a little patch of them by the White Rose of York, and quite a number on the little "hillside" behind the house, and on top between the pear tree and one of the apple trees, where the sandbox used to be when my brother and I were little.  I planted a bunch of bulbs years ago, and they've done well, and I think even spread.

Some daffodil leaves are coming up, too.  The 'Ice Follies' ones on the hillside, because you can't kill them with an axe.  The 'King Alfred' daffodils I planted around the old (now dead) lilac and in the former rose garden, which is now basically the daylily garden.  A couple of daylily leaves were just starting to come up, too.  The irises have leaves year round, but they're getting some new little ones.

I know there are some miniature daffodils I planted on the hillside, too, though their leaves were probably still hidden by the fallen leaves.  Every year, I wonder why I did that, since you can't see them at a distance, and every year I remember it's because that's where I had holes dug (probably by Dad) in the shale and clay.  That's okay, though, because I cut them and put them in tiny vases or shot glasses.  Our shot glasses -- I collect them -- are used for very small flowers.  I don't think anyone in the family aside from my brother does shots, and I'm sure he has his own shot glasses.

Anyway, seeing the snowdrops gives me hope that spring will eventually come.
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