neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

AWZ Thursday

Very sketchily: Nettchen and Vanessa fight their hangovers.  There's a lot of Vanessa/Tom/Nettchen, which I will write more about later.

Richard gives a big speech welcoming Meyerhoff.  M. gathers his team, leaving out Bunny.  Deniz puts a comforting hand on Roman's shoulder.  At least one of the directors remembered that Deniz and Roman are a couple.  Katja asks Meyerhoff to include Roman.  Bunny is allowed on as assistant trainer.  Annette has some concern when she hears this.

Claudia and Simone compete over Richard.  Next episode has Simone's Schadenfreude, so it says in the preview.  I think it was Jules Jones who linked to a recipe for Schadenfreude pie.  Schadenfreude translates to "malicious pleasure," so I understand.

I took two pages of notes, and will write them out later today.

Tags: soap opera

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