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Thursday real life

I woke up relatively early, but then got rather caught up in web surfing.  I ended up being in a rush to go to S.M.'s for lunch, and I kept thinking of things I wanted to bring and show her.  Well, lunch was ready when I got there.  It was a nice salad, a roll, soup, and rice pudding with blueberries for dessert.  That was all delicious.  The tea was...interesting.  When S. is making soup and throws various things in there together, it generally ends up tasting good.  The mixes of tea are sometimes weird.  Today's was cinnamon apple, Constant Comment and lemon tea all mixed together.  I could taste the cinnamon apple, and once she said what the other ones were, I could sort of recognize them.  Yeah.  I have to e-mail her a "thank you for lunch" note, because it was a very nice lunch.

After lunch, we put in a good three hours or so on the computer.  She's switching from Verizon (the phone line version, I guess?) to FiOS.  We have FiOS, and I like it.  S. said that she'd been warned that she might lose things off the computer with the changeover.  I had told her to get a USB drive.  To my surprise, she actually had, a 4GB one.  We experimented somewhat with which USB port would recognize the drive, then saved her documents and pictures onto the USB drive.  I think that made her feel a little better.

Somewhere along the line, her computer and printer stopped communicating with each other.  I'm pretty sure it was something I did in one of my experiments.  We tried turning the printer on and off, unplugging it and plugging it in again.  We tried turning the computer on and off, and resetting the router.  They still wouldn't communicate.  When I looked at printers in the control panel, it said that the printer was offline.  I thought I had managed to get it back online, but computer and printer still weren't talking to each other.  I felt bad about that, but suggested a couple of people she could talk to for fixes.

I'd brought my e-reader, and showed her that.  She appreciated it.  I'd explained to her before about e-books, of course.  I showed S. how I could swipe my finger to turn pages, or use the buttons.  I find it easier to just flip the page with a finger-swipe, though.

The other news was me experimenting with e-book downloads here at home.  I was actually using my testing code to do testing.  I felt useful until my IP was blocked for 48 hours since I'd gotten free books five separate times.  Hey, I'd edited the books.  It's not like the content was new to me, but the system didn't know that.  I'll know for next time, though.

Mom's working an evening shift tonight, so Dad brought home Chick-Fil-A.  I was glad he thought of dinner.  I'd forgotten that Mom was working tonight.  I'd forgotten to do the grocery shopping she wanted me to do, too.  I was so involved with what I was teaching S. on the computer that I didn't think of anything else in the afternoon.  S. had gotten Microsoft Office, and we did some things successfully in Word.

Well, that's about it from me for real life.  I got nearly to the end of the alternate history book last night, but was dead tired by 3 a.m.  I'll likely finish that tonight.  And then there are my soap operas to watch and recap.

Still much comment on AfterElton about that episode of Glee -- all kinds of perspectives.  (  The one woman -- well, she could be thirteen or so, for all I know -- got the lesbian readers mad.  AfterElton borrowed someone from AfterEllen to do the Glee recap.  The original comment was on which pairings the girl liked and didn't like.  Apparently characters named Brittany and Santana have had sex in canon?  This girl said "ew" and "yuck" at the idea of them having sex and asked why all the lesbians were shipping them.  She also said she didn't mind one of the gay characters having m/f sex first before he got to the hot m/m stuff.  I ground my teeth.  Talk about making women who like gay romance look bad.

I almost said that, but then I just said, "I heart you" to one of the lesbians who replied.  I also asked her to be my buddy there.  Well, I'm finding it interesting.  I daydreamed about siccing a couple of the Macaronis on that girl.  They would tear her up.  The lesbians there did a good job of it, though.  Even if she doesn't realize it, the rest of the readers do.  Is it bad of me to get so into it when wankery is answered back intelligently?


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