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AWZ Wednesday

Heavy on Katja, but what else is new.

Hase and Annette scenes.  We love those.

More later...


We start out with Meyerhoff busy training Katja.  The other Bergmanns are in the flat with Tom and Roman, who are both feeling down.  Annette urges them to say what the problem is.  Roman voices his career fears.  Vanessa comes in inviting the crew to have cocktails at No. 7.  "Bad timing," she says, as she notes the gloom.

Lena says she has to stay with the baby, and Tom says he needs to work, but Annette says she and Roman will go drinking with Vanessa.

As Jessica is leaving the Center, Axel comes up to talk to her about his aphasia.  She tells him again that he should get speech therapy.  I believe she finally agrees to have a short appointment with him.

Vanessa, Annette and Roman are at No. 7, but service is slow, with the waitress overwhelmed and Marian nowhere in sight.  When Bunny leaves the table, Vanessa asks Annette to rate her kiss with Tom.  Annette says, as she's been saying, that it was a "film kiss."  Presumably she means just for show.

Meanwhile, Tom is sitting staring at the computer and having a flashback to the kiss.  Lena says she thought he was working.  "First I brainstorm, and then I work," Tom says.  Lena accepts that.  Ingo calls on the webcam?  Skype? whatever it is, and talks to Tom.  Tom explains about the kiss, or Ingo says that Annette's already told him about it -- something along those lines.

Back at the bar, Annette seems to rate the kiss as okay, but says that she's a married woman.  It's clear that Vanessa would think a kiss from Tom would be more exciting than that.

Lots of alarms go off in the flat, startling Tom.  Lena comes out of her bedroom wondering what's going on.  Katja comes into the flat, explains about her 24-hour training thing, and pops back out after Lena wishes her luck.

Vanessa and Annette drunk-call Tom to say they're at a club.  Some hours later, they stagger in through the door of the flat, bombed out of their minds.  Tom asks what happened to Roman, but they don't know.  Vanessa asks for taxi fare home.  Tom gives it to her, and she staggers out.

Annette starts to fall asleep on the couch, and Tom shakes her a bit.  She says she wants to go to her bedroom, and insists she can go alone.  Of course, Tom ends up dragging her up the spiral staircase.  She falls into a chair in her room, and makes it clear that Tom is expected to take her boots off.  He does, but it leaves her foot on his crotch.  Tom is wide-eyed.  He takes off Annette's coat, and she passes out on the bed.  Tom turns off the light and leaves.

Deniz is in the Center making appointments.  First on his to-do list is the health check for Richard.  Roman comes in wearing sunglasses.  "I thought you were having a girls' night out with Vanessa and Annette," Deniz says.  "What happened to them?"

Roman looks slightly startled.  "I lost them."  Deniz asks after Marian.  "He wasn't at No. 7," Bunny says.  Deniz and Roman discuss how they have to let Marian work it out himself.  As rumpled as Roman looks, he seems to be supportive.  Bunny then spots Meyerhoff training Katja, and hops off.

Jessica comes to Deniz to ask about Marian.  "He hasn't been seen," Deniz says.  Deniz makes the appointment for Richard.  Ben comes in, and asks something.  Whatever he asks is apparently next on Deniz' to-do list.

Jessica leaves, but Axel catches her in the hallway.  He's got a big envelope of X-rays with him.  Jessica takes a look at the X-rays in her office, and says that it's not physical damage to Axel's brain, that his aphasia is psychological.  Axel is not thrilled about this.  Richard comes in for his health check.  Perhaps it's a nod to the heart attack Axel gave him last year.

Katja and Roman have a quiet but intense scene in the locker room.  Dennis G. does not get enough credit for his acting skills.  Meyerhoff bangs on the door, and Katja gets ready to go out again.

Tom comes into Annette's room with a glass of water, and presumably headache pills.  He puts the water down, and puts the covers over Annette again.  She grabs his hand and snuggles with it.  Tom gets wide-eyed again.

Katja is in the ballet room, training, while Roman watches through the glass.  She can only hold a position for so long, and Meyerhoff leaves.  Roman comes in to talk to Katja, and tells her that she worked really hard, that she's a good skater.  Meyerhoff comes back to tell Katja that she passed his test.  From now on, there will be nothing but training, he says.  No free time, no friends, nothing.  Katja and Meyerhoff shake hands, her alight with joy about how she's going to win everything now.  Eyeflash.     
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