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Tuesday AWZ

Katja does her skating routine.

Florian is despondently swimming in the Pool of Sin when Deniz leans over to talk to him.  Deniz tells Flo that he's a trainee and Richard Steinkamp's personal assistant now.  Florian responds with a "meh."

Deniz does his impression of what Flo should have said.  "Congratulations, Deniz!  That's so cool!"  Then he asks Flo if he's fighting with Franzi.  Deniz gets called away, and Flo sinks into a cracky daydream in which Andy and Frank are kissing.  Deniz comes back, and Florian explains how he said that Franzi was as wild as a porn star, in front of the other hockey players, while the boys were watching a porno at the Wild-Ozturk flat, and that she heard him say that.  Deniz takes it all in, and understands why Franzi was upset.  Flo is still puzzled.

Meyerhoff leaves the Eishalle, though everyone else watching seems to think Katja did a good job.  Axel catches up, and attempts to talk to him.  Meyerhoff leaves, and the Steinkamps catch up with Axel and ask if he embarrassed them (or was embarrassing?).  Anyway, Axel didn't win that one.

Roman, Annette and Katja talk in the locker room.  Roman says her toe loop wasn't that good, but aside from that it was a good skate.  Annette tells Roman not to be so negative.  Hello?  He's still her trainer.  Part of his job is to critique her performances.

Meyerhoff wasn't that impressed.

Florian is in No. 7, reading and spilling food on his book.  A cute girl gets him napkins, and he doesn't flirt with her.  Vanessa finds him there at some point.

The Steinkamps discuss the whole Katja thing, with Deniz fascinated.

There's a Claudia and Katja scene.

Axel is at the Steinkamp Center bar, trying to order a drink and having no luck with the words.  Jessica comes up and figures out that he wants water.  Axel asks her if she'd help him with the aphasia.  Jessica, however, remembers that Axel tried to blackmail her, and leaves.  Well, if Jessica forgets in the next episode or two how Marian treated her like dreck and used her as an ersatz Jenny, which will likely happen, at least she remembers that Axel is a bad guy.

Frank reads something to Andy, sounding very angry.  Andy doesn't seem sure what to make of it.  Flo comes in, saying Isabelle let him in.  (Fortunately, there's only that reference to Isabelle.)  I think Flo says he can help Frank.

The Steinkamps are calling around -- looking for a top trainer or choreographer?  In the outer offices, Ben is speaking in German, and Max in Spanish.  In Richard's office, Simone is speaking in English and Richard is speaking German.  Anyway, whatever it is, they're calling around the world.

There's a Max versus Axel confrontation, which Max wins.  Go, Max.  Axel looks up aphasia, and comes up with a self-help tape.

Katja is out jogging, and runs into Meyerhoff.  She makes such an eloquent and heartfelt and plucky and whatever speech about how she's really a winner that Meyerhoff is nearly won over, at least enough to come to the Bergmann flat.  He gives Katja 24 hours to do something -- impress him?

Flo, Frank and Andy are in Frank's room.  Florian says something about Bismarck.  I had no idea Flo knew who Bismarck was.  He probably didn't until he read that book.  Franzi is impressed.  Andy leaves in defeat.  Florian promises not to talk about his and Franzi's sex life with the hockey boys.  Frank says she won't use Andy to make him jealous again, but notes that it worked.  (What?  What kind of message is that?)  Flo and Frank kiss and make up.

Axel listens to his self-help tape, and tries to say some affirming words, then stumbles over other words.  He ends up yelling, "Mama!"

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