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AWZ Monday

I'll probably put a Monday or possibly Monday and Tuesday post here, but I'm just noting now how grateful I am for the subtitled clips.  It's so much better when I can see what the characters actually said.  It inspires me about learning German, too, because then I can put at least some of the spoken German words together with the written English.

It's funny, but R. knows what I mean when I do the phonetic American English spelling for a German word.  He can "hear" the word I was trying to say.  He got it when I wrote "keet zo," which is actually "geht so," and when I used the phonetic "abba," which is really "aber."  I owe R. an e-mail, which I'll probably write sometime tonight.

Recap likely later tonight...

Wednesday: Sorry, editing happened last night, recapping tonight.  Then editing later.  Well, it's keeping me off the streets and out of trouble.

There's a Steinkamp and Max meeting, in which Deniz the personal assistant is brightly interested.  Axel crashes the meeting, I believe.  He's forced into a retreat, anyway.  Deniz asks if something is Protokoll, and Simone says yes at the same time Richard says no.  Now that I've looked up Protokoll, it makes much more sense.  Deniz was asking if something was on the record, or should go in the minutes.  Well, the personal assistant job should keep him busy.  Richard has a personal assistant he won't have sex with, which...oh, God...

Florian and Franzi have a fight, in which Flo can't understand why saying to the hockey team that Franzi is as wild as a porn star was insulting.  The fight continues after Frank storms out of the Wild-Ozturk apartment, and eventually Franzi punches Florian in the stomach.  I cheered.

The Steinkamps discuss getting Meyerhoff as a trainer.  Bunny sees Richard and Claudia fighting through the glass of the ballet room, and has a bad feeling about it.  He's pretty perceptive that way.  Katja gets his attention by rubbing the end of her braid in his face -- WTF with that rudeness?  She calls him Hase, which doesn't seem cute coming from her.

Katja hears from several people about how important it is that Meyerhoff is giving her a second chance and might be her trainer.  No one bothers to tell Roman until Deniz mentions it to him.  Roman reacts with appropriate pessimism and unhappiness.

Franzi catches Vanessa up on how dumb Florian is being this time.

There's a scene with Katja and Annette, with Katja trying on costumes.  I love Annette, but even she couldn't save the scene for me.

Andy sees Frank in the boxing Halle and unrolls a pink yoga mat for her.  Lena says that they're not doing yoga, but going on an endurance run.  Flo catches up and asks Franzi if she'll run with him, but she says she's running with Andy.

There's a Roman and Meyerhoff scene in which it appears that Meyerhoff is no good at sharing his toys.  It looks like Bunny's pessimism is quite justified.

Katja runs into Ben.  Whatever.  Katja gets ready for her big skate.

Ben is next seen in the boxing Halle (gym would be the best translation, I guess), shadow-boxing.  Deniz comes in and talks to him.  Well, at least Deniz is heavily involved in other people's plots, so we are seeing a good bit of him.

Katja makes her march towards the ice.  Richard, Simone, Axel, Meyerhoff and Claudia watch from the stands.  Roman and Annette are there by the entrance to the rink with her, being encouraging.  Katja steps onto the ice.  Flash/eyeflash/whatever.

To clarify names and nicknames, for anyone confused:

Florian is Flo, and occasionally the klein Wild.  To Roman, he's meine kleine Bruder.

Roman is called Hase, which translates as Bunny.

Franziska originally posed as a boy named Frank, so I often still call her Frank.  The other characters started calling her Franzi once they learned that she was really Franziska.

Annette is called Nettchen sometimes. 

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