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roses and other flowers

Yesterday: 'Mme. Legras de St. Germain' blooming.  A couple of blossoms still on 'Maiden's Blush'.  Caladiums up in blue-and-white pot and in gray pot.  Geraniums doing well.  Heliotropes blooming.  Sweet bay magnolia still has a couple of wonderfully-scented blossoms.  Nasturtiums in full bloom.  Japanese painted fern and lady fern doing well -- lady fern spreading out nicely.

Today: Orange nasturtium in white pot "screaming" at pink begonia in terra-cotta-colored pot by the back door.  Begonias with caladiums still matching colors nicely by the blue shed.  Leaf of white caladium unfurling in blue-and-white pot.  Will have to remember the more fortunate color combinations for next year.  Several years ago, pale yellow yarrow went really well with blue cornflowers.  Tiger lilies were also nice with cornflowers.  This year, tiger lilies fully leafed out, don't yet have buds.  Deer ate of the tops of two of them.  Lilies much closer to the house still have their top leaves -- so far.  Alpine strawberries reddening.   Another unidentified pink rose blooming in old rose garden.  Must be remontant, and doubtless a hybrid tea.  'Teasing Georgia' blooming by the back door -- I think it's somewhat myrrh-scented, although apparently it is supposed to have a pure Tea rose scent -- and won a prize for fragrance.  Still not sure what happened to 'Belle Isis' -- got overrun by daylilies and sweet shrub, is my guess.  A good amount of 'Kwanso' (old double tawny daylily) leaves up in old rose garden, in that area.  'Dr. Huey' coming back from the roots after being transplanted.  A lot of daylily leaves in that area, too -- mostly 'Hyperion', I think, and possibly some 'Ice Carnival'.  Will see which blooms are white and which ones are yellow.  A couple of blooms still on the "daughter" plants of 'Maiden's Blush'.  Some bloom still on Rosa Mundi, though about a third of it has reverted back to the Apothecary Rose.  Striped geraniums blooming -- kind of a "marbree" effect, I think it's called.     
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