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Monday real life

Didn't really sleep last night, though I was tired by 1:30.  I think I might have dozed a bit.  I went down to have breakfast at eight, and eventually fell back to sleep.  Some phone calls at 11:00 and 11:30 woke me, and I had lunch.

Then I went back to sleep.  I had a doctor's appointment at 2:15, I fell asleep again at 1:00, and woke at 2:00.  Fortunately in this case, Dr. R. generally seems to run late.  I got there at 2:30 and was taken at 2:40.  The physician's assistant and Dr. R. both seemed pleased with how my ankle had healed.  Dr. R. is the surgeon who operated on my broken ankle, and put the plate and screws in there.

My ankle aches sometimes, and as I've mentioned, I feel the strain if I lift or try to carry more than a couple of pounds.  It wasn't like I tried to do much heavy lifting before, though, so that's not impeding me terribly.  I'm back to my usual activities.

I went home and did various little tasks there.  Then I saw it was 4:20, and decided to go to the GLBT meeting at [local university].  I got there at 4:45.  I wasn't sure if that meeting would be on the topic of genderqueerness or employment for GLBT people.  The meeting was already well underway, and I saw a couple of alums up front, with the students in chairs lined up facing them.  I snuck in and sat in the outside aisle.  There was a chair free right up front, but a student in an electric wheelchair had it partly blocked off.

The alums were people I knew.  One was a non-traditional-age student when I went to [local university].  The other hadn't gone the same years I had, but had graduated in the late 1990s.  They had interesting things to say about the paths their careers had taken, and when they'd run into glass ceilings.  They discussed what they'd done to work around the glass ceiling, or how they found other jobs with more accepting employers.

When the alums were done, I tried to get up off the floor, and didn't do well.  I fell back, then asked a student (A.?) to give me a hand up.  He did.  S. had been up in the front row, and I talked to him for a few minutes.  He hadn't gotten my message about whether he'd help when/if I moved.  S. said it would be better to e-mail him.  I asked him about coming back to the house and getting books, but he said he had to get to the library to work on a paper.

Next, L. (formerly girl name, now boy name) said he'd heard that I gave people rides, and asked me if I'd take him to Philadelphia, to the Mazzoni Center.  That's a center specifically aimed for health care of GLBT patients, so I understand.  I said that I didn't drive in Philadelphia.  This is true.  I said if it was on a Saturday or Sunday, I could put him on a train that went to Philadelphia.  That I would have done.  He said the appointment was on Tuesday.  I suppose he'll just have to arrange for someone else to give him a ride.

It's not like I have any particular problem myself with L., but we don't live all that close to Philadelphia.  I had heard from other students when L. was a lesbian that if you gave her any encouragement, she'd latch onto you and be very needy.  That doesn't seem to have changed terribly now that he identifies as male.  If I did drive in Philadelphia and had the time free, I might have done it and just requested money for gasoline from him.  It's a moot point, anyway.

Aside from that, not much news.  I asked the alums if they wanted to go to dinner.  M. had already eaten.  S.P. was meeting with his partner G. and G.'s mother for dinner.  I headed home.  It was snowing a bit as I drove home, and I was just as glad to get to the house and be done driving for the day.

I'll e-mail S. some time in the next couple of days, and coordinate the heavy lifting with him.  As I thought, he can lift more than his own body weight.  He said he was working on strength training, and I think he said he could lift 100 pounds fairly regularly.  S. is apparently a go-to guy if you're moving.

Much editing to do tonight, and perhaps some soap opera watching.  I'm more likely to just do a couple of recaps on Tuesday night.

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