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Kris had a post about female m/m romance authors creating male personas, and linked back to what she and Wave had posted about m/m authors and pen names:  I think using a gender-neutral or masculine-sounding name is something quite expected in the genre.  My opinion is that creating an elaborate persona is going over the line.

Jules Jones had an LJ note with links about Borders going bankrupt:  There had been rumors of that for some months, so I wasn't shocked.  Three relatively near me, or at least in the Philadelphia area, are closing.  I'm not sure if I'd think of Camp Hill as southeastern Pennsylvania.  Apparently it's pretty near Harrisburg, which would certainly make it in the southern part of Pennsylvania.  Perhaps it's more central than eastern, though.  I'd have to look it up.  I count Reading as southeastern, and the Langhorne store I got the e-mail from Borders about is probably not so far from northeast Philadelphia.  King of Prussia is perhaps half an hour west of Philadelphia.

I said that as a reader, I'd probably try to get to the closing stores near me, to see what interesting books were in the stock being liquidated.  It's not good news for authors or publishers, but the one link I followed had lists of independent bookstores near those stores which were closing.  Perhaps it will be a positive for independent booksellers.

There was an AfterElton post on Friday that was interesting:  They have a new column called "The Gay Agenda."  The folks at AfterElton have been putting up news about a pending episode on a certain TV show in which a gay character starts wondering about bisexuality after he kisses a girl.  They said we'd have to wait and see what really happens in the episode, but fans of the show were up in arms.  There were only a few comments on "The Gay Agenda" itself about it, but nearly four hundred comments on a confirming post about the show.  I don't really watch American TV at this point, just German soap operas, but I'm interested in fan reaction.

So, things I've been considering from what I've read lately. 

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